10 Movies Worth a Video Game Draw

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a fan of video games, and the latest generation of games has pushed technology forward in unprecedented ways. There is a wealth of diverse video game genres, some of which have fallen out of fashion over the years. However, one habit that has remained constant is the imitation of video games associated with popular feature films.

It makes sense that the films that cause the most buzz at the box office are the ones that receive video game mods, but that doesn’t mean that the best properties are the ones that test video game mods. There are some recent films that would make exceptional video games and help attract a larger audience.

10 Speed ​​Racer is pure surplus that can beat Mario Kart at its own game

The racing genre of games has thrived both with realistic experiences as well as professional kart racers who tend to have fantasy characters, items and tracks. fast racer A feature of the famous animated and live-action adaptation of the Wachowskis is the rare cinematic experience that feels like a revived anime or video game.

fast racer The audience is bombarded with contrasting colors and a chaotic rhythm that never slows down. It’s so easy to imagine a responsible fast racer Racing game takes multicolor madness Mario KartRainbow Road, but it extends to the entire game.

9 Alita: Battle Angel is an endless exaggerated action specially designed for games

Alita: Battle Angel It’s a brilliant cinematic team effort from Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron that didn’t initially meet box office expectations, but the film’s fan base continued to grow and they remained vocal because of their desire for a sequel that continues this captivating story.

Alita: Battle Angel It’s another feature that seems like an absolute home run when it comes to hooking up a video game. The movie is full of heightened robot combat that would be great to control in the context of hacking and slashing action. Even the extended Motorball sequence in the movie could maintain its video game franchise.

8 Sorcery films can fuel a survival horror streak that rivals Resident Evil

the original Sorcery It is a modest haunted house movie from genre master James Wan, but has slowly expanded into a multi-billion dollar movie franchise. Admittedly, there was diminishing returns on the sequences and tangential returns of Sorcery, But the original films remain masterpieces in tension.

The survival horror genre has taken such steps forward and it would be amazing to get in charge Sorcery A game taken from the intimate first person horror of the latest vampire games. A horror game in which the player slowly investigates various distortions in a haunted house, in a classic manner Sorcery Iconic, flourish.

7 Morbius Camp makes it a natural fit for a retro rhythm adventure

Sony success poison The movies opened up a whole bunch of worms when it came to indie cinematic stories centered on Spider-Man’s show rogues, but without the Web-slinger’s signature. Morbius Not a fine art, but it struck a chord with audiences and found a strange level of success through its sheer novelty.

Traditional side-hit games focused on Marvel characters were abundant during the ’90s and retro Morbius The game in this style would be in keeping with the old school sensibilities of the movie. Titles with retro aesthetics combined with the gaming community’s fascination with ‘demakes’ talk about how 16-bit is used. Morbius Sidecroller will succeed.

6 Only Blade Runner 2049 can properly explore every inch of this futuristic world

It’s becoming increasingly common for old sequels to famous movies to dominate movie theaters, for better and worse. Blade Runner 2049 It appeared more than 35 years after Ridley Scott’s original sci-fi masterpiece, but it’s actually one of the most successful and efficient modern updates.

Blade Runner 2049 Focuses on building the world and technology rather than becoming a nostalgia grabber. the first Blade Runner Translated into one of the best and most punishing point-and-click adventure games of its decade. Modern Blade Runner 2049 A game in this style will succeed, but titles like Cyberpunk 2077 movie Makes it easy to imagine a picture Blade Runner expertise.

5 The cruel atmosphere of a witch is perfect for the survival horror genre

Some exciting original horror genre sounds have emerged over the past decade. Robert Eggers has proven to be a unique visionary and his first feature film, the witch, It is a painful exercise in the atmosphere and restraint. More video games have slipped past and bring these periods to life.

the witch It is a relatively thin film in terms of plot, but there was scope Blair Witch Horror game and other entries in the content genre to explore the scary little passages of nature. a charming style game the silent Hill It will become an indispensable game.

4 Under the silver lake is a conspiracy theory bliss worthy of a text-based mystery expansion

Under the silver lake It is an unpredictable neo-noir movie starring Andrew Garfield that unfortunately didn’t get its due due to a failed theatrical release. Oddly enough, it’s the film’s confused, paranoid and conspiratorial nature that makes it Under the silver lake It works best as an under-the-radar cult classic.

An old school mystery text adventure video game that will brilliantly capture the energy of this quirky puzzler. movie like Under the silver lake Not the first title that comes to mind about video game mods, but the movie makes heavy reference to video games and turns them into objects of reverence. that Under the silver lake The game will only add to the mystery of the movie.

3 Revenge is unbridled brutal violence that strikes the most when the player attacks

return It is a highly aggressive piece of cinematic and is one of the most brutal and horrific depictions of the cruel nature of wildlife. It’s a movie not for everyone, but its uncomfortable subject matter helped Leonardo DiCaprio land his first Academy Award.

return It is a property that specializes in cinema, but there are a surprising number of video games that embrace this ancient living time and its many dangers. It’s hard to watch DiCaprio’s character take on a ferocious bear, but it will make the video game moment even more intense.

2 Baby Driver’s intense style translates beautifully into fast-paced gaming precision

Edgar Wright is an incredibly visual filmmaker and nearly all of his films will deliver compelling gaming experiences. baby driver It’s a deep experience that effortlessly blends music, editing, and movement to create a tantalizing visual storytelling.

Racing game you will miss a point baby driver But a more complex title has more style crazy taxi or grand theft auto It will be a lot of fun. The game can find ways to incorporate the type of rhythm and reward more points when the player’s reckless driving is in sync with the soundtrack.

1 Open world sand dune game can be the best sci-fi gaming experience

Denis Villeneuve has become one of the most exciting filmmakers of this generation and his latest cinematic adaptation of Dune He cemented his place as a storyteller on a large scale. Dune Presents a dense lore that sets other science fiction series like star Wars To shame there are many diverse corners of the world to explore.

Video games can now handle massive environments and an open world game set in a world Dune Sounds like a perfect expansion for a Villeneuve movie. There is enough complexity to Dune It will perform well in Red Dead Redemption A mode structure where players can get lost in the details of the world or go on more exciting adventures.

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