10 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Reproductions of Foreign Language Films

Reproductions have never been more prominent in the film industry. There is still a great deal of original content, but studios and filmmakers are particularly drawn to films that already exist, and they take and alter them according to their own vision. The result is undoubtedly a severe failure. Sometimes reproductions can be successful if they are improved, updated, or tell a story in a new light – and on rare occasions are better than the original. Other times, remanufactures serve no purpose at all, and are just a carbon copy of the source material.

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One of the most common types of reproduction in Hollywood is foreign language films, usually for English-speaking and Western audiences. There are so many movies, old and new, that some people may not even know that they were originally made in another country. While some international films have had huge success abroad, many have been overshadowed by their English counterparts as well. Some may surprise you a little.

“Coda” (2021) – BEILER FAMILY

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kuda It became one of the most beloved films of 2021, warming the hearts of viewers everywhere. It was a huge hit, and of course won the Academy Award for Best Picture. However, the success is actually a remake of the 2014 French film BEILER FAMILY.

Both films have the same tunes and tell the story of a hearing child who is a deaf adult who wants to catch up on music, but her family also depends on them to connect with the world. unlike BelairAnd kuda The deaf actors are actually cast as deaf characters, adding originality and raising it to a higher level than the original.

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“Ambulance” (2022) – Ambulance

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Michael BayThe blast-filled thrill ride wasn’t actually his own idea, although it does seem like the exact kind of concept he conjures up. Ambulance It is a remake of the 2005 Danish film of the same name.

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Both films follow two brothers whose plans for bank robbery go awry, and they are forced to hijack an ambulance to use as an escape vehicle. Originally, the brothers needed money for their dying mother, but in a remake, Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIA will he needs surgery for his wife. The original film was not widely seen, and both garnered mixed reviews.

“The Departed” (2006) – Infernal Affairs

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Martin Scorsese‘s the late It was a huge critical success, eventually winning an Oscar for Best Director, as well as Best Picture. The legendary director’s classic film is also a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs.

Both films follow a similar plot revolving around an undercover cop who is sent to a local criminal gang, and a gang member infiltrating the police force. While Scorsese’s film may be more well known, both were well received. The original script places more emphasis on action, while the new version focuses more on character. It serves as an example of how a remake works.

“The Parent’s Trap” (1998) – Das doppelte Lottchen

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Many people know that Parents’ trapchampionship Lindsey Lohan, is a remake of the 1961 film, Two Americans, produced by Disney. What most people don’t know is that both are remakes of the 1950 German film Das doppelte Lottchen.

The three versions of the film follow two twin sisters who meet at summer camp, and decide to change house in order to bring their divorced parents back together. The last two films are widely known, as the German version is older and more difficult to watch.

“Birdcage” (1996) – La Cage aux folles

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birdcagea hilarious comedy starring Robin Williams And Nathan LaneIt is a remake of the 1978 Franco-Italian film La Cage aux Folles. Both follow a gay nightclub owner and cabaret star, who pretends to be upright when introducing the parents of their son’s conservative fiancĂ©.

Although the American version may be more famous, the original was actually a huge hit and was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Director. Sure, the remake is more extravagant and star-studded, but it’s definitely worth checking out the original too.

“The Comet” (2021) – comet

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The Netflix audience will likely be familiar with 2021 cometchampionship Jake GyllenhaalBut the film is a remake of the 2018 Danish film of the same name. Both follow an off-duty police officer who receives a disturbing emergency call from a kidnapped woman.

The two versions follow an almost identical structure and narrative, and both sit around a similar ninety-minute mark. While Gyllenhaal gives a solid performance, the remake doesn’t offer anything particularly new or refreshing, making the tight and tense Danish film the choice between the two.

“Some Like It Hot” (1959) – Fanfare d’amour

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Marlin Monroeclassic Some like it hot Recognized as one of the greatest films of Hollywood’s golden age, but this comedy began its life as a French film in 1935 Fanfare d’amour. Both films follow musicians joining an all-female band in disguise.

In the original, the musicians pretend to be female because of unemployment, and in the new version because they witnessed a mass hit. Some like it hot It’s also not the film’s first remake – it was remade as a German film Fanfaren der Liebe in 1951.

“The Upside” (2017) – The transferees

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upside It is the new American version of the 2011 French film The transferees. Both films are based on a true story, and revolve around the friendship between a wealthy man who is paralyzed and responsible for his care – an immigrant in origin, and a parole in the remake.

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The French film delighted the audience and did very well abroad too. Although the stars, including Bryan CranstonAnd Nicole KidmanAnd Kevin Hart In an impressive dramatic performance, the remake was not received with the same enthusiasm, receiving a mixed reception.

“The Wrath of the Man” (2021) – cash truck

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In one of his many collaborations with the director Guy RitchieAnd Jason Statham He starred in the action movie in 2021 man’s anger. The film is a remake of the 2004 French film cash truckborrows the outline of the original story and infuses it with Ricci’s signature style.

Both films are about a mysterious and vengeful man who starts work for a cash truck company, where his past and intentions are slowly revealed. The two versions received mixed reviews upon release, with audiences praising the action but criticizing the complex story.

“Let Me In” (2010) – Leave the right person

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Director Matt Reeves‘s let me in It is a remake of the 2008 Swedish film Let the right to one. Both adapted from a novel, and follow the bond between a young boy who is being bullied and a mysterious girl who just so happens to be a vampire.

The original romantic horror movie is a beautiful and disturbing movie, but Reeves’ version isn’t gratuitous. While both are similar in terms of story and atmosphere, Reeves adds his own flair and tone, using a larger budget to heighten the horror and violence. He makes sure that this isn’t a pointless remake of an already great movie.

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