10 of the worst superhero movies, according to IMDB

With Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Delivering the biggest box office opening of 2022, movie audiences were once again reminded of the power of superhero movies. For over a decade now, audiences have flocked to theaters to feel the excitement, amusement, and even impact of our favorite heroes. This was not always the case.

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For many years, superhero movies have been a constant source of disappointment for fans. They were made on the cheap, betrayed the source material, and worst of all, they simply weren’t entertaining or exciting. Prepare yourself for this trip down memory lane.

Steel (1997) – 3/10

If you see a file hard Trailer, 1997 superhero movie starring Shaquille O’NealYou’ll probably be wondering how the producers managed to spend $16 million on a movie that seemed so cheap. The film follows John Henry Irons (O’Neill), a military scientist who transforms himself into a superhero when he discovers that a weapon he developed has fallen into the wrong hands.

Watching a movie is not easy and it is very easy to understand why It only made $1.7 million at the global box office. It’s not entirely without magic, especially considering that O’Neill had to perform all his stunts because they couldn’t find a stunt performer to match his size and build.

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Captain America (1990) – 3.3/10

before Chris Evans Bringing the role of Captain America to life through his charm, honor, and armor-wielding abilities, Matt Salinger fill the role in captain America (1990). The film follows Cap as he awakens after spending decades freezing in the ice to battle his archenemy, The Red Skull. The plot is basic, and if we’re being totally honest, it’s childish.

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Red Skull’s entire evil plan is to kidnap the boss, and Cap’s big plan to stop him involves little more than punches and the occasional shield throw. The movie is cheesy and dated, but if viewed in the right mindset (a somewhat tolerant mindset, at the time) it can be a totally entertaining and even entertaining viewing.

Catwoman (2004) – 3.4/10

on the roof, The catwoman It should have been a massive success (or a meow, if you prefer). Halle Berry He was already part of a beloved superhero franchise (playing Storm in both X-Men And X-Men Two), And Sharon Stone It seemed like the perfect choice to go from toe to toe with the honorary feline champ.

Unfortunately, the film did not meet anyone’s expectations. The fight scenes were flat and stress-free, the plot was disjointed and often absurd, and the character was uncomfortably sexual and aggressive. Looking back, it comes as no surprise that Halle Berry is considered the worst character on screen.

Batman & Robin – 3.7/10

Where do we start with this? The illogical, nonstop pun. Silly bat tools. Nipples on a bat suit. Let’s be honest. All this is a bit silly. However, it’s hard to believe that the movie starred George ClooneyAnd Uma ThurmanAnd Arnold SchwarzeneggerAnd Chris O’Donnell It can store amazingly like batman and robin.

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distance batman forever The dark and gritty elements have been stripped of the franchise Tim Burton At first, Batman and Robin lean more towards the light camp that this director enjoys Joel Schumacher The thought fits the franchise better. Unfortunately, in the case of this movie, there was no snow to see you.

Superman IV: Searching for Peace (1987) – 3.7/10

It’s a shame that Christopher Reeve The time Superman reached a disappointing conclusion. The actor, who was absolutely beloved for his performance as Clark Kent and his heroic ego, deserves a far A goodbye is better than a goodbye Superman IV: Searching for Peace.

Although the returning actors (Gene Hackman And Margot KidderThey make solid performances, disappointed by an incredibly weak plot and a laughable villain in the form of a nuclear man. The film underperformed significantly at the box office, earning shy of $16 million on a reported budget of $17 million.

The Fantastic Four (1994) – 3.9/10

Ironically, the production of this movie is more exciting than the actual movie itself. Although it was not well known to the cast and crew at the time, The Magnificent Four He did not intend to release him. The studio would have forfeited the franchises if they hadn’t put a movie in production, so filming quickly began in The Fantastic Four.

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The film never actually had a theatrical release, although illegal copies were started to be distributed, allowing people to watch the film. The movie may not be worth watching, but the story around it makes it worth watching.

Fantastic Four (2015) – 4.3 / 10

There was a lot of noise around 2015 restart The Fantastic Four In the months preceding its release. Josh Trunk Signed on the back of the critically acclaimed superhero movie directing Chronicle It gathered an impressive group of talented young actors. Miles TellerAnd Kate MarAnd Michael BAnd Jimmy Bell They were all exciting characteristics at the time, and it was assumed that their talents, combined with the direction of Trank, would finally give fans the excellent Fantastic Four they had been waiting for. But it didn’t happen that way.

The film suffered a massive amount of studio interference, and production was turbulent due to an alleged feud between Trank and the cast members. Since then, Trank has left an honest review of the film on Letterboxd, indicating that he learned from the experience.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) – 4.3/10

Nicolas Cage He’s enjoying something of a renaissance on the big screen, with audiences everywhere enjoying his opposite performance Pedro Pascal at The unbearable weight of talent. Although the actor stated that he did his best work in the past 10 years, it’s doubtful that he’s looking back Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance With pride or admiration.

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The Ghost rider Found the sequel Johnny Blaze from Cage Tasked with protecting the son of Satan. The film sought a darker, more somber tone than the first film, but was still too tame to appeal to die-hard fans of the character and too boring to appeal to neutral audiences.

Zoom (2006) – 4.3/10

I don’t think anyone would expect Zoom To be the greatest superhero movie of all time, but no one expected it to be so terrible either. The movie follows Jack (Tim Allen), a former superhero who is brought back to train a group of kids to become the world’s greatest superheroes. Allen joined before Courteney CoxAnd Kate MarAnd Chevy Chasebut none of them are able to save the generic text and poorly typed characters.

CGI in Zoom Incredibly dated and contradictorynot this Zoom It does a lot to really engage audiences in the first place. If Tim Allen rocking a little beard sounds like something you’d like to see, then this is the movie for you. If you don’t, walk away well. You have been warned.

Super Girl (1984) – 4.4/10

Decades before the character had its successful streak; super girl He flew to the big screen in a self-titled episodic of Christopher Reeve Superman Movies. Helen Slater She is portrayed as the iconic heroine who must travel to Earth after losing a powerful orb. However, once on Earth, the Supergirl finds herself facing an evil witch. The movie certainly isn’t as bad as Superman IV: A Quest For Peace, but it doesn’t manage to capture the charm or heart of the first two Superman films.

super girl Take advantage of some great offersAnd while certainly not perfect, it’s a fairly solid attempt at a female-led superhero film in a decade in which superheroes haven’t been given their fair share of screen time (an arguably unresolved problem).

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