12 Best Waifu Anime of 2022 you will fall in love with

by Youssef

Each otaku has a list of the best anime characters according to their preferences. Waifus is the perfect life partner in Otaku’s head for those wondering what a waifu is. There is no set rulebook for what a person may or may not find attractive. What attracts the viewer mainly to a particular character is her character traits. Traits, of course, are subject to one’s choices, tastes, and inclinations. Sometimes, these are not even the traits we expect. People tend to go beyond looks, fit bodies, and sharp facial features. What they crave most are characteristics such as a sense of humor, kindness, loyalty, or intelligence.

Some of you might like the typical Tsunderes. They are mean on the outside and cute on the inside. For example, Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. While some are fond of Yanderes, those who go crazy go crazy for the people they love, like Yuno from Future Diary. However, Kuuderes is considered the coolest in society. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan is a great example of Kuudere. On the other hand, Danderes are painfully shy which is an extremely rare find. For example, we have the lovely Hinata Hyuga from Naruto. Here we give you a list of the 12 best anime characters that you will fall in love with:

1. Kitagawa Marine

Kitagawa Marine is the main heroine of My Dress-Up Darling. She’s a Waifu senior who loves them and goes crazy. She is a slim brown woman with a small waist. On top of that, she has an average height. Her eyes are dark brown, but she wears pink contacts. She has long and silky blonde hair with bangs.

dress up my love

Marine is loud, messy, and raging. However, they act mature when needed. She is cute, friendly and cheerful too. Fans love her because she is a cosplay and otaku player. She loves reading manga and playing video games for adults. She is non-judgmental, serious and very bold. These personality traits are an addition to what her fans love about her. Besides, she procrastinates a lot. She gets embarrassed easily. It’s not all sugar and everything is nice. The little spices that come with it make this first-class Waifu an absolute treat.

2. Ninem Rally

Ninem Ralei is a great anime game. She appears in the Tensai Ouji no Akaji. She is wearing a white ruffled top and skirt. Besides, she pairs it with a valance that starts at her waist and extends to her knees. It is purple in colour. She is a beautiful girl with white locks and red eyes.

Ninem Raleigh

Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu

Fans adore her for her stern personality along with her caring side. She is very particular about completing each task on time. Meanwhile, she’s keen to sneak a bit of fun into the office hours. She teases the royal family who swore to her from time to time. In addition, she tries to bring out the best in the people around her. Moreover, she is very loyal and intelligent. All these personality traits make the fans excel at this top-notch ufo.

3. Aki Makoto

Aki Makoto is one of the highest rated anime wi-fi. She is a character from the anime Princess Connect. She has purple hair that extends to her waist and her eyes are bright yellow. Her outfits include a black tank top with ruffled purple shorts. This wolf girl can charm anyone with her looks.

Aki Makoto

Replay Princess: Connect

She is loyal to her teammates and spares no effort in defending them. Her loyalty is one of the many things that her fans adore. Another thing is her super strength and sword fighting skills. Its primary weapon is a double-edged sword. Besides, she is bubbly and loves to make sweets in her spare time. There is no way that anyone will succumb to this top-notch beauty of this Waifu.

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4. Yor Forger

This top rated anime waifu is making people lose their minds. She is one of the cliched characters in Spy x Family. She is a killer and calls her “Thorn Princess”. In addition, she is fair, has red eyes and long black hair. She wears a red backless jacket with black tights at home.

Your Forger

Spy family x

You are introverted, socially awkward, and incredibly polite. She asks if she can eliminate the life of her target before the assassination. Moreover, she is cute and takes great care of her brother and adopted daughter. She imagines solving every problem through murder in her mind. Moreover, she has a penchant for weapons. Some fans find these personality traits exciting. Besides, Yor is very naive and can be easily deceived. It depicts a cool side of this top-notch ufo that fans are crazy about.

5. Tokisaki Chromie

Tokisaki features in Date A Live. This top-notch anime Waifu is actually an antagonist. People love her because of her evil nature. It is called the worst spirit and is said to be the most dangerous spirit ever known. Her skin is pearly. She has long black hair that she ties into two double tails. One of her eyes is colored red, the other looks like a clock and is golden in color. She covers it up with her bangs. Apart from that, she is stunningly beautiful.

Chrome Tokisaki

a history of living

Tokisaki hates humanity and has killed 10,000 people. However, she considers her business fair. That was because the people I killed were mostly rapists and murderers. Although positive in her twisted sense of justice, she considers herself a villain. Tokisaki almost attacks anyone who talks about her well. She is wearing an innocent face and looks well-groomed and elegant. However, in reality, she is a crazy woman with a craving for blood. The toxic dual nature of the top-rated anime Waifu is the reason why fans value it so highly.

6. Kiruya Momochi

Kiruya Momochi is a character in Princess Connect: Re Dive! This top-notch anime waifu goes to the nickname Karyl. Karel has light skin with sharp green eyes. She has long dark gray hair. I tied them in two pigtails at the end. As her outfit, she wears an indigo and gold bodice. The sleeves are ruffled and the shoulder tops. She has cat ears.

Kiruya Momochi

Princess Connect Re-dive

She is gossip and doesn’t think before she speaks. Moreover, it is easy to get annoyed and confused. Karel is mostly a tsunder. It is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. She is portrayed in the way that she is constantly complaining about her friend. However, she follows it without a wince. Fans love that she is kind-hearted. They empathize with her when she feels lonely. Kiruya loves cats. Another thing that people absolutely adore. This awesome anime waifu has managed to win a million hearts.

7. Mira Su

Mira Suou is considered one of the finest and most important anime series in 2022. It appeared in World’s End Harem. She has brown skin and blue eyes. Her long purple hair extends to her waist. She has white eyelashes and a mole on the top of her eye. Her curvy shape is what makes fans drool. Her outfit includes a black, light blue, and white shirt with a center zip.

Mira Soo

Mira Hremet

Mira is calm and unexpressive. As mystery is the new exciting, this character trait intrigues her fans the most. Moreover, she is gentle and thoughtful. This first assistant Haramit has captured the attention of fans. They look forward to seeing a new side for her in the future.

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8. Daisumi Magahara

Desumi is a character who appears in love after world domination. It’s a high-level anime challenger. She has bottle green eyes and blonde hair. Her outfit includes a beige skirt with a bow on the waistband. She was wearing a plain white shirt and a black hoodie over that. Her minimalist features and outfit make her stand out and look absolutely stunning.

Daisumi Majahara

Love after world domination

People are afraid of her because of her superpowers. Furthermore, she is a hand-to-hand combat expert. She is selfless and tends to put others first. Fans find it the perfect friend material. She is easily caring and jealous. Moreover, she is honest and cannot fake feelings. Her romance with Voodoo is what most people desire. Therefore, fans are not wrong in imagining themselves in the place of Voodoo. She is a top-notch anime character that people can’t resist.

9. Takagi

Takagi is the female protagonist in Karakai Juzo no Takagi-san. This top notch UFO is the closest to perfection. She has an average height. Her skin is fair and her body is lean. She has shoulder length brown hair. They are neatly combed and reach the top of her back. Her eyes are brown. She has a pink tint on her cheeks. She wears a sailor uniform in her school. In winter, she wears a red tie and a blue skirt with stockings.

Takagi is kind and caring. She is smart, smart and smart. She is an outstanding student with exceptionally good grades. In addition, it has the ability to read the faces that fans like. She can tell what’s on someone’s mind by looking at them. What a wonderful quality a Waifu can have! Moreover, she is not afraid and does not get frightened easily. She is also carefree and carries herself in high spirits.


Takagi San

One of her commendable traits is her ability to hide her feelings. She can fake a smile and hide her emotional despair. However, she is mature enough to face her emotional problems on her own. It motivates people and can lift their spirits. Besides, there is a childish and adorable side to it too. She nearly faints when her love interest tells her he’d rather walk home with her than play video games. In addition, her cheeks turn red. This Kawai Anime Waifu is a complete package. This first-class ufo is one of the most recognizable and appreciated.

10. Tirol Ushagama

This top-notch anime waifu features in Sabikui Bisco. She is a supportive character. Her eyes are yellow and her hair is pink. A few strands of her hair are braided from below. It makes it look like a jellyfish. She wears a pink and black cropped top and shorts underneath. Furthermore, she wears a blue colored trench coat.

Tyrol Ushagama

Sabikui Bisco

Beautiful and intelligent Tyrol. What makes fans crazy then is that she’s great with numbers. Her subtlety and mystery are the best things about her. What’s more, she has a mysterious element added to her personality. However, to show that not all of it works, it has a goofy side too. She often goes crazy while dealing with money. This high level anime ufo is a true beauty with brains.

11. Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya is the protagonist of Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. This top level ufu is a member of the shooting club and vice president of the 67th and 68th Student Council. She is light-skinned and has large, almond-like eyes. She has long black hair tied with a red ribbon. Furthermore, she usually wears the school uniform of Shuchen Academy.

Anime Waifu

Kaguya Shinomiya – Kaguya Sama

Kaguya is rational and unexpressive. At first, she lives in denial of her feelings for Miyuki. Gradually I began to accept them. She belongs to a wealthy family. Sometimes, she flaunts her skills and intelligence. However, she feels pressured to keep up with her family name. It is also popular among school girls. They come to her for relationship advice. However, she has no experience when it comes to the relationships themselves. Lacking sexual knowledge and unaware of sexual innuendos and humor. This top rated anime waifu has charmed people by being herself without any apology.

12. Chateau Dunkworth

This top-notch anime waifu appears in Koroshi Ai. She is a bounty hunter. Her body is lean and her eyes are turquoise. She wears formal clothes. Includes white lined collar, brown pants, and brown jacket. She has blonde hair with drapery bags. She usually ties her hair in a ponytail.

Anime Waifu Chateau Dunkworth

Chateau Dunkworth – Kuroshi I

Dankworth is straightforward, calm and loves to be alone. She has a mysterious aura surrounding her, which fans just can’t resist. A skilled assassin who takes pride in her fighting abilities. However, she was surprised that a man defeated her. In addition, she rejects the romantic developments of the man and portrays herself as uninterested. This hard-to-get top-notch wifo attitude is what makes fans crazy about her.

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