4 characters who could end up fighting with Akainu


There are 4 possible people who could end up fighting Aquino:

#1 – Blackbeard

Blackbeard is a very ambitious man and in order to establish his influence in the world of One Piece he has to show some kind of exploit. Although he was given the nickname Yonko after defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates including all leaders except Ace, this falls short of the level of the other Yonko Federation.
Blackbeard has to show the world some exploitation in order to allow people to believe that he represents a greater opportunity than his current situation and that the conquest of Baltigo was the fruit of that thought.

In the end he will challenge Marin and Akainu. While fleeing to the New World with his newly appointed crew, he saw Aquino coming but did not have a clash even though he had the entire crew with him though he was showing off at Marineford and declaring himself as the strongest man alive; When he saw Aquino he said, “We are not yet ready to fight him,” which means that he planned to fight him in the end.

#2 – Monkey Dr. Dragon

Akainu is kind of fascinated by dragons. The only reason he sought to finish Luffy at Marineford is the fact that he was the son of Monkey D. This only indicates that they have a history even though we are in complete darkness regarding potential disagreements between them.

Who knows that the Dragon might have betrayed the Marines/World Government while pretending to be loyal to Akainu the whole time and might have frightened him to the point that he started hating the Dragon to his core.

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