5 Exaggerated Horror Movies of the 2000s

The 2000s was an interesting period for horror films. The fun-cut trend continued from the ’90s, and the decade featured some notable films, from strangers (2008) to drag me to hell (2009), the descent (2005), Tit’s a ring (2002) and the beginning inevitable fate The franchise, with the movie premiering in 2001.

There are some excellent scary movies from this decade, but as in every 10 year period, there are some that have received a lot of love but may not live up to the attention. From a movie with a major twist to the start of a beloved franchise, these 2000s horror movies might not be as good as people say.

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While mayo Not a movie that is constantly talked about, it has a fan base and did well with critics who loved Angela Pettis’ performance as the main character Mai Kanadi. At first, Mai seems to have had a rough childhood and is now curious but does her best to work. Before long, it turns out that Mai is a really troubled person. When she starts dating Adam (Jeremy Sisto), she scares him, kills Adam and her friend Polly (Anna Faris) and talks about needing parts of people’s bodies. In the end, Mai takes the parts of the different people she killed and creates a “friend” of her own.

While the movie revolves around themes like loneliness, which gives it some weight, it’s far from being a high-profile and too disturbing horror movie to really watch. While it is a favorite movie for many fans and critics of the horror genre, there are many others who excel at it.

There are many possibilities boy meets world Fans were excited to see Rider Strong in cabin fever, the 2002 horror film directed by Eli Roth, but while the movie got a lot of buzz, the story remains unsolved. The movie has a 62% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes scale, which isn’t terrible, and was popular enough to lead to a 2016 remake. The movie didn’t do well at the box office.

While the idea of ​​college students infecting a flesh-eating virus is frightening, and a cabin location in nature seems like a great setting for a horror movie, the movie feels one note. There isn’t much to get you excited here because the characters feel like normal people involved in any horror movie, which makes it hard for them to survive the ordeal.

Some beloved horror films are overrated and arguably the first opinion The movie falls into this category. Directed by James Wan, opinion It is one of the most popular horror movies and fans love the story of who the Jigsaw Killer is.

It’s safe to say that the franchise features a lot of torture and violence without enough plot or story to really keep people interested. The movie is well crafted where Jigsaw plays with people and decides whether they live or die, and the movie has a main character named Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell) who is followed by audiences. Some horror fans may prefer more classic and traditional pieces.

bloody valentine (2009) is not only one of the worst horror movies ever made, but it’s also an overrated movie from the 2000s. This movie is very popular because fans love the story of a town tormented by a killer who was involved in a mining accident. The audience also loves to watch Jensen Ackles play the role of the villain.

When compared to other murder movies, bloody valentine He doesn’t have a convincing villain, amazing character development, or a fun sense of humor. Although it is not the most popular horror movie ever, it is often brought up in discussions of movies that are simply entertaining and do not require much effort to enjoy.

orphan It is a very popular movie, the audience loves the story of Esther (Isabelle Fuhrmann), a little girl who looks rather scary but who may have had a difficult life. When Esther’s adoptive parents start to wonder if something strange is going on, they learn that she is not a child at all. The movie has some big names like Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard playing the role of parents Kate and John.

While some people consider this to be a timeless plot twist, others believe it was weak and guesswork, making it a contender for an exaggerated 2000s horror movie. There are many other films that have more surprising moments. removes torsion, orphan very nice.

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