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Sometimes, when an actor gets involved in a huge franchise (or actually several), it overshadows a lot of his other great shows. While it may be the huge project that makes them a star, it could also make discussing the rest of their careers less robust and less interesting.

Gaining immense popularity early in her career, Karen Gillan landed the role of Amy Bond, one of the most beloved characters in the pop culture empire. Doctor from. Already a huge hit among the nerd audience, Gillan joined the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014. Guardians of the Galaxy like a nebula. She continued to appear in these blockbuster films while also starring in huge titles like Jumanji: Welcome to the jungleBut her career has gone to more unusual and interesting places over the years.

Today’s video games

Navot Papushado co-wrote and directed this action movie, which blends a John Wick The feature and modern answer to Jackie Chan’s vintage car. Gillan takes the lead here, playing a skilled assassin who finds herself protecting a young girl from an army of trained assassins. To survive, she must recruit her estranged mother and former co-workers to take on impossible odds.

Sam is a great contract killer about 10% of the time. An excellent aspect of Gillan’s performance is the degree to which she still appears human. Sam tries hard to keep John Wick air, and when things go wrong, she makes an excellent comedic presence on top of a well-produced work. Gunpowder Milkshake It was a mixed bag, but the cast was the only aspect of the movie that garnered near-universal acclaim. Gillan is an excellent action star, even with relatively spare material.

The Greek Tragedy of the 2014 sitcom Emily Kapnik Selfie She is fairly shallow, but buried in the tale is a wonderful performance by Karen Gillan. The title of the terrible show was preceded by a very unfortunate one. Critics hated it, and it was canceled in the middle of its only season, but fan outcry resulted in Hulu dropping the remaining seven episodes. Critics came and called it stellar by the time that second half was released, but it was too late.

Once people finally moved on to this turbulent show, Gillan’s performance was revered. The story is a retelling of the bones My Fair Lady Complete with jokes about Instagram, but Gillan was excellent in the lead role. Elisa is a self-obsessed salesperson who hires an image consultant to convince people to like her, which leads to a stormy romance and several episodes of the sitcom. Gillan has excellent chemistry along with co-star John Cho and great comedic chops in this role.

Karen Gillan’s first major American film is also one of the early successful films of horror guru Mike Flanagan. Gillan plays Kaylie, a woman who is convinced that an old mirror in her home is cursed and responsible for a tragedy her family has suffered.

The film, like much of Flanagan’s work, is more concerned with the horror of the human condition than with the fears of jumping or mounds of blood. Much of the weight falls on Gillan’s shoulder for this production. Her character has dedicated her life to proving an impossible hypothesis, and it slowly drives her crazy. Gillan excels in this character-driven horror film, keeping audiences emotionally interested in the tragic and touching story.

Gillan is a movie star these days, but she’s strong in smaller roles and small projects. This adult swimming simulator is filled with omnipresent police action and lively Hollywood action with countless excellent comedians. Written by comedian and actor Paul Scheer, The Strike Force of National Terror: San Diego: A Sports Vehicle It was a merry season that never sunk in the sun. Gillan only joined the show in its third and final season, but she arrived with great fanfare. She portrayed Daisy, “Gadget Girl,” a funny cross between James Bond’s Q and a mad scientist.

The series is based on a parody, so the performers take the story seriously. Gillan is hilarious in the role, and No Feathers proclaims her robot guard the success despite her apparent unwillingness to follow orders and apparent wisdom. There honestly isn’t enough Karen Gillan on this show, but what’s so funny.

This touching and emotionally devastating drama stars Karen Gillan in her lead role, who also wrote and directed the piece. It’s a deeply personal movie, and it touches on deeply disturbing themes with unwavering honesty and raw honesty.

Not enough people saw Gillan’s directorial appearance. She’s clearly a star in this role, but the script is also very sharp, and the directional vision is groundbreaking. If fans need one narrow showcase of Karen Gillan’s on-screen talents, there’s no better course than The party is just the beginning.

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