5 The Blumhouse Horror Sequel Underrated


Blumhouse Productions is known for making some high quality horror movies. But sometimes, a sequel is released, and while the original movie was very popular, the second movie flies under the radar and doesn’t get the same amount of praise or pressure. Fans can always expect many scary Blumhouse movies each year, and it’s great to have a new movie every few months that captures the attention of audiences and critics.

There are many Blumhouse horror series worth watching, from a horror comedy about a college student going through a time loop to an entry on the popular series. supernatural activity Franchise business. These sequels are in many cases as good as the originals, even if they aren’t mentioned much.

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The Blair Witch ProjectSmart marketing is part of the history of horror movies, and supernatural activity The franchise was also announced in an interesting way. The 2007 movie was Blumhouse’s first production and it caught the interest of horror fans of the company, and they were always excited to see what interesting project the company would bring to the world.

While there have been many entries in the franchise, some more famous and beloved than others, the 2014 movie deals with occultism, which makes it unique. The horror begins when Jesse Arista (Andrew Jacobs), who has just finished high school, begins investigating the murder of his neighbor, Ana Sanchez (Gloria Sandoval), said to be a witch. It is impossible for Jesse to ignore the frightening reality and become stuck in something dark and horrific.

2014 movie crawling, Co-written by Mark Duplass and Patrick Price and directed by Price, it is a beloved found horror movie. While creep 2 Well, horror fans don’t often talk about this sequel when they talk about their favorite movies from the past decade.

In the first movie, Aaron (Price) is a videographer who has a strange assignment: to photograph Joseph for a day. As the day goes on, Aaron discovers some scary things. at creep 2, an incredible Duplass as a serial killer who calls himself Aaron who tortures Sarah (Desiree Akhavan), a YouTube star. It’s great to see Mark Duplass in this type of role because he is known for comedy.

While it was a 2014 movie not a friend very popular, Unfriended: The Dark Web It is an underappreciated Blumhouse horror movie, and specifically, an underappreciated Blumhouse horror movie.

When Matthias (Colin Woodell) finds a laptop, he realizes he’s got more than he bargained for in exchange for messages from Sharon IV appearing on the computer. While the first movie is a solid teen horror movie, the sequel is fantastic if not more interesting. The sequel is definitely scary, and that’s a big deal, as Matthias and his friends are dragged deeper into the mystery and realize there’s really no way out. The first movie introduces fans to the concept of the entire story that takes place on a computer screen and the sequel is even scarier.

happy death day She starred Jessica Roth as Trey, a woman who was murdered and then kept coming back to life until she could find out what had happened to her. Like a classic movie hard dayYou see, you live on the same day, wondering what’s going on and how she can get out of it.

While the movie was 2017 happy death day Likeable, because it’s considered a hilarious horror comedy, the sequel isn’t exactly likable. The story is still going strong, even though Ryan Phan (Phi Vu) is murdered and then finds himself in the same strange and brutal situation that Tree was. Trey and her boyfriend Carter Davis (Israel Broussard) decide to help Ryan understand this. Outside. The movie is just as entertaining as the first and perfect for fans of the time-episode stories.

2015 horror movie clips found gallows It tells the story of two teenagers who act out a seemingly haunted play. While it’s not the most produced movie, and not the most highly acclaimed one either, it serves as a fun high school horror movie and the sequel to it isn’t quite watchable.

This time around, Una Roe (Emma Horvath) is brand new to her school, performing a monologue from gallowsThe play is from the first movie, and it’s of course full of darkness and evil. When it spreads quickly and becomes known, the horror begins. The film is not one of Blumhouse’s best projects, but the audience will at least want to see what happens to Una, and the comment on fame is interesting.

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