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Now that both Spider-Man and Venom are part of the same universe, MCULots of possibilities open up. Not only can Venom take on and fight Spider-Man, or work with him, if necessary, but he can take on multiple enemies that weren’t available to appear in his movies before. as such, 3 . poison It could become the most interesting part of the series so far.

Both in the MCU and in the comics, there are plenty of Spider-Man and Venom villains that might cross Eddie Brock’s path – to Eddie’s horror but for the audience’s amusement. And some of them are so dangerous or cunning that even Venom can have a hard time defeating them!

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5 black cat

Despite the importance that Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat played in Peter Parker’s life in the comics, the thief-turned-antihero has yet to appear in any of the live-action films. That should change in the near future as the single Black Cat movie is presumably currently in the works. But before it comes out, Black Cat can debut in 3 . poison. Although she usually doesn’t have any special powers in the comics, there is one notable exception.

In one story, Black Cat asks Kingpin to help her gain special powers, and she ends up being able to cause misfortune to others. This may be something that Venom can struggle to overcome, since it is not possible to cause misfortune. In addition, the creators of the MCU will give Kingpin a comeback after his smaller role in the Disney + series hook. even if 3 . poison Portrayed as the Black Cat without her strength, she is still a capable enough thief and fighter to present a challenge. Eddie Brock can begin investigating her crimes as a reporter, and later encounters a Black Cat as Venom.

4 Morbius

It’s true that Morbius’s solo movie with Jared Leto didn’t get excellent reviews from some critics and audience members alike, but that doesn’t mean seeing Morbius and Venom in one movie wouldn’t be exciting. Especially since they are more similar than they think. Both are trying to control their bad impulses – in the case of Venom, biting heads and killing people, Morbius does not want to drink other people’s blood. They can either fight each other or join forces against a common enemy.

Since they have different fighting styles, this could lead to some creative fight scenes. And if that wasn’t enough, the banter between Morbius and Venom could also bring something new to the movie – because up until now, Venom has been flirting with Eddie himself, a fact some fans noted and were quick to point out that Eddie and Venom act like an old couple!

3 phenom agent

if it was poison The films continue along the same lines as before and make Venom fight the evil symbionts, they can also bring Agent Venom to the scene in 3 . poison! In the comics, Flash Thompson willingly becomes the agent of Venom after suffering an injury and is no longer able to walk. Joining Symbiote not only gives him the opportunity to walk again, but also allows him to fight evil. It’s true that Agent Venom isn’t a bad person, per se, but Venom can still perceive him that way. Perhaps because Agent Venom is tasked with finding and capturing Venom?

There are several ways in which the film can introduce the new characters. Another advantage of having Agent Venom is that Joe Manganiello can reprise his role as Flash Thompson who portrayed him in the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. Manganiello has become a household name in recent years, and many fans will appreciate seeing him in the role of a superhero – especially after Deathstroke appeared so briefly in DCEU.

2 Eagle

To this day, Michael Keaton’s vulture remains one of the MCU’s best villains. He had a rationale for what he was doing and thanks to Keaton’s performance, he came across as sympathetic and sometimes intimidating. However, he was suspiciously absent in later Spider-Man films and only appeared in Morbius. Keaton can return as an eagle in 3 . poison Also, start laying the foundations for the Sinister Six team.

Or if that doesn’t work, he might simply end up fighting Venom or working with him for some other reason. Maybe Venom needs Vulture’s help because he will be dealing with a stronger enemy? Whatever the case, watching Michael Keaton and Tom Hardy play each other would almost certainly be a welcome sight!

1 loafer

It may seem like a stretch at first but Brawler could be the perfect villain for him 3 . poison Because it will form a closer relationship between Venom and Spider-Man. And not just one Spider-Man, but two! In the comics, Aaron Davis aka Prowler is the uncle of Miles Morales who became Spider-Man. Prowler has already appeared in the MCU, in . format Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), speaking with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Donald Glover played Aaron Davis and stated that he had a nephew, making it almost certain that Miles Morales is somewhere in the MCU. As such, it wouldn’t be impossible to bring both the Prowler and the new version of Spider-Man 3 . poisonespecially if Tom Holland decides he wants to take a break from his role as Peter Parker.

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