53 actors who have starred in Marvel and DC . movies

Mark is famous for star Wars Of course, but he actually has a rich history of voice acting for both DC and Marvel.

After two episodes as The Trickster / James Jesse in the 1991 DC TV series Sparkle, He said the following:

– Joker in Batman: The Phantom Mask (1993, DC)

– The Joker and Jack Napier and their waiter Batman: The Animated Series (1992-94, DC)

– Joker in Batman and Robin adventures (1995, DC)

– Maximus, Sentry, and Triton V Fantastic Four: The Animated Series (1995-96, Marvel)

– Joker in Batman Adventures and Robin Activity Center (video game, 1996, DC)

– Joker in Superman: The Animated Series (1997, DC)

– Gargoyle and Tong-Zing in Incredible Hulk (1996-97, Marvel)

– Hobgoblin, Jason Phillips, Jason Philip Macendale in Spider Man (1995-98, Marvel)

– The Joker and the victim of theft in New Batman Adventures (1997-99, DC)

– Carter V batman future (2000, DC)

– Joker in Batman Beyond – Return of the Joker (2000, DC)

– The Joker and Dr. Isaac Evers in Batman: Revenge (video game, 2001, DC)

– Joker in static shock (2002, DC)

– Joker in wild birds (2002, DC)

– Wolverine in X-Men 2: Wolverine’s Revenge (video game, 2003, Marvel)

– Suleiman Grundy, the Joker, and a client in Justice Squad (2002-03, DC)

– Joker in Batman: The New Times (2005, DC)

– Joker in Robin’s complete storyboard sequence (2005, DC)

– Rogue / James Jesse N Unlimited Justice League (2006, DC)

– oiled in Ultimate Avengers II (2006, Marvel)

– Tony Zuko in Batman (2006, DC)

– The Joker and Scarface in Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009, DC)

– Ghost in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2010, DC)

– red skull in Marvel Super Hero: The Infinity Gauntlet (video game, 2010, Marvel)

– Ulysses Claw / Claw V Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010, Marvel)

– Joker in DC Universe Online (video game, 2011, DC)

– Chthon and Red Skull in super hero group (2010-11, Marvel)

– Joker in Batman City (2011, DC)

– red skull in Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat (2011 Marvel video game)

– Joker in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (video game, 2011, DC)

– Joker in DC Universe Online: The Last Laughter (video, 2012, DC)

– Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight (video game, 2015, DC)

– Crook and Sinestro in Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack on the Legion of Doom! (2015, DC)

– Arnim Zola V LEGO Marvel Avengers (video game, 2016, Marvel)

– Joker in Batman: Murder is a joke (2016, DC)

– Joker in Batman: Arkham VR (2016, DC)

– Arnim Zola, Nightmare and Ox in Ultimate Spider Man (2012-16, Marvel)

– Joker in View-Master Batman Animation VR (video game, 2016, DC)

– James Jesse / Prankster N Sparkle (2015-16, DC)

– Joker in Arkham Asylum VR Coaster (2017, DC)

– The Joker, Trickster and Swamp Thing in Justice League Action (2016-18, DC)

– The Joker, Trickster and Swamp Thing in Action League Justice League Shorts (2017, DC)

– Arnim Zola V Spider Man (2018, Marvel)

– The Joker, Trickster and Director in LEGO DC Super Villains (2018, DC)

– Arnim Zola / Cap Zola V Earth protectors (2017-18, Marvel)

In addition to all of the above, he has voiced the Joker in an episode of chicken robot and The Trickster and Joker in Scooby-doo jogs who? Basically, if you hear the joker in a cartoon, you can put money on it as a mark.

as appeared in Kingsman: Secret Service, It is not a Marvel or DC comic, but is based on a comic written by kick ass Creator Mark Millar. It also appears that a lot of the people on this crossover list have a crossover with the Millarverse!

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