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Iconic ’90s Japanese comics The aesthetic is well known in the anime community. Most of the cartoons that grace the ’90s were made in the ’90s, but there are a few gems that used this art style as inspiration for future shows. Superior hairstyles, color blocks, thin and straight lines are some of the essential features that fans will find in the 90s animated show.

Fans can’t forget the amazing fashion found in the ’90s anime and manga as well, with many character designs influenced by the decade’s trending pieces. Due to the popularity and nostalgia of this art style, a lot of designers chose to go the ’90s aesthetic route, even in the more modern shows.

Today’s video games

7 Heaven’s kiss

Yukari Hayasaka wakes up in an unfamiliar place and finds herself in the heart of Atelier, the underground studio of a group of fashion designers. After talking with the group, she finds out that they are students at Yazawa Academy of Art, and because of her attractive appearance, they want her to be a model for their entry into the Yazawa Academy of Art show.

Yukari refused at first but ended up leaving her ID behind. Her future love interest and fashion designer, George Koizumi, tracks her down to restore her identity and convince Yukari to be a model for the group. Heaven’s kiss It is a romantic drama anime that follows the ups and downs of group friendships and relationships.

6 Nana

Nana It is an anime that follows the lives of Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu “Hachi”. During the show, fans see the trials and tribulations of friendships, relationships, and real-life issues. Nana Osaki is the vocalist of the Black Stones punk band, but her boyfriend is the vocalist of the band Blast.

Healthy rivalry stimulates both, but the careers they dream of begin to strain their relationship. Nana Kamatsu and Nana Osaki become good friends after meeting on a train bound for Tokyo, with Nana Komatsu telling her a long story about how she moved to the city to live with her boyfriend Shoji Endo.

5 Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Usagi Tsukino bumps into a cat named Luna and is surprised to discover that the cat can speak and understand human language. Luna gives Usagi a brooch that grants her magical powers, allowing Usagi to transform into the iconic character, sailor moon. She must work in order to search for the Silver Crystal and discover her fellow Guardian sailors.

Luna also informs Usage about the missing princess of the Moon Kingdom, which is actually Luna’s home area. Queen Beryl, the opponent, also wants to find the Silver Crystal. It’s a race against the two to get to the powerful crystal first, but not without obstacles along the way.

4 Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi finds herself being dragged into a well in her family’s shrine by a mysterious demon. It follows that time travel and Kagome land in the past, much to her dismay, 5000 years have passed in the past. This time period is called the Sengoku period, a harsh period in Japan. Kagome discovers that the demons want her to get the jewel inside, which is called Shikon Jewel.

This is a powerful gem that possesses the ability to fulfill desires. Kagome ends up getting involved in a fight with a demon, which results in the Shikon Gem being shattered. Inuyasha is then introduced into the anime and promises to help Kagome find the gem pieces to prevent the demons from getting to her first.

3 fruit basket

Toru plans to live with her grandfather after a tragic accident that leads to the loss of her mother. However, her grandfather’s house is undergoing a renovation at this time, and Toru reassured her grandfather that she could find another place to say it for now. Toru does not want to ask any of her friends because of the inconvenience this might cause, so she resorts to staying in a tent in the woods. Toru returns to the woods after a shift, only to find that her tent has been destroyed and buried under a landslide.

Her classmate, Yuki Soma, and his cousin Chigurh Soma, find Toru in the woods and offer her a place to stay in their house. To Toru’s surprise, members of the Souma family transform into a zodiac animal when they are embraced by the opposite sex.

2 vampire knight

vampire knight It begins with the introduction of the main protagonist, Yuki Cross, and her half-brother Zero Kiryu. Both are members of the disciplinary committee at their school, Cross Academy, which is actually owned by their adoptive father, Kane Cross. However, Cross Academy is divided into two parts, the day class and the night class.

The night class only participates in academic activities during the night due to the fact that they are vampires. The day class students don’t know that their fellow night students are vampires, except for Yuki and Zero. Both are sworn to secrecy by their adoptive father, and work hard to keep the secret safe. The anime follows Yuki’s journey through love after meeting one of the most powerful vampires, Kaname Kuran.

1 Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters GX

Juudai Yuuki registers to be a student at Duel Academy, the ideal school for those who wish to improve their fencing skills. Like any other swordsman, Juudai wants the title of The King of Games and will do anything to reach this prestige. Arriving late for the entrance exam, he meets a familiar face who is given to him by the winged Coribu, Juudai’s new partner.

After this interaction, Juudai becomes a true swordsman and must face the vicissitudes of the swordsman lifestyle. Anime fans witness Godai as he works for the title of King of Games and fights through the many obstacles that stand in his way.

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