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Band publishes guitarist apology after tabloid reports of alleged affair

. official website man with a mission The band announced Thursday that the band is the guitarist and background vocalist kamikaze boy The band will be discontinued after a “media report”.

The Punchon Online It was a tabloid site mentioned Monday around kamikaze boy Allegedly entering a hotel with a woman on April 23, in an accident Bouchon Online Allegedly had an “affair” (Bouchon Online He quotes an anonymous source who says kamikaze boy Married).

Later that day, the band’s official website released a file statment Adoption of a “recent report” on kamikaze boy (The statement is not specifically mentioned Punchon Online Report). The statement also included a letter of apology from the guitarist. In a letter of apology, kamikaze boy He indicated that he realized the seriousness of the situation, and would seek to restore fans’ goodwill towards the band through music.

Thursday’s announcement on the band’s website stated that the band’s scheduled activities and concerts would continue forward.

on Sunday, kamikaze boy He was injured while performing in Osaka’s leg at a Metropolitan Rock Festival concert, and was taken to the hospital, but was stable and conscious at the time of the report. Mention Thursday’s announcement kamikaze boy recovering well.

man with a mission Topics previously made for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded orphansAnd finland sagathe fifth season of My hero academyAnd The seven deadly sinsand the first two seasons of log horizon Anime series. They also contributed songs crows explodeAnd HK / Hentai KamenAnd Judge Live action movies. The band features performing wolves masks, referring to themselves as wolves.

sources: man with a mission‘s websiteAnd Oricon via otakumo

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