a study measures the impact of a feat with him


HipHopNumbers studied the featurings of 9 artists. According to the site, collaborating with Drake would increase Spotify streams by 2783%.

This is an impressive figure, which has made many Internet users react. After a statistical study, the media outlet HipHopNumbers revealed that Drake would be the most valuable co-signing in hip-hop from 2019 until today. Featuring with the rapper would increase his Spotify streams by 2783%.

To give this ranking, HipHopNumbers selected 9 artists: Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Baby, Kanye West, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z. The media carried out a retrospective on all the featurings made by each artist since 2019. Subsequently, it compared the number of streams of the collaboration on Spotify with the average streams of the album.

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And the collaboration that wins the trophy is the single “Over the Top”, by Smiley feat. Drake. Present on the album Buy or Bye 2, the track garnered 24,776.9% more streams than the album average. In second place, “Talk to Me” by Drakeo the Ruler feat. Drake, wins 6,069.2%. The only collab that didn’t benefit its host was “Betrayal,” with Trippie Redd.

The scores of J Cole and Kendrick Lamar

After Drake, follow J Cole, with a score of 543% and Kendrick Lamar, with 449%. The collaboration of the author of Cole World with Young Thug and Travis Scott on “The London” garners no less than 1,000% more streams than So Much Fun.

But HipHopNumbers notes an important nuance. “When the track is listed as co-created by both artists, it also appears on the featured artist’s Spotify page.” Thus on Spotify, on the day of release, it would be indicated “new track from Kendrick Lamar” rather than “new featuring with Kendrick Lamar”. However, the title is indeed a featuring, corresponding to the album of one of the artists. “It’s an amazing way to guide more people into listening to the song.” The statistics also depend on many other factors, and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

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