Digimon adventure 2021 episodes

Digimon adventure 2020 episodes. 4 new episodes that you can watch now, I got video and text reviews plus a link to watch the episode you like. Enjoy it. Digimon adventure 2020 episode 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWvXV_X2BeU Tokyo Digital Crisis While preparing for the next school camp, his new neighbor Kushiro Izumi visits Taishi Yagami, so when they learn that electronic systems […]

List of One Piece Bounties

Here is a list of One Piece Bounties ranked from the lowest to the highest one. Enjoy it. The anime story begins with the execution of Gold de Roger, the man known as the Pirate King, before his death. Roger announced that his Alon Pace treasure would be available to anyone who found him, causing the beginning of the great […]

One Piece meaning in One Piece

One Piece meaning! What is One Piece? I don’t know if you asked yourself this question but I did. I wanted to understand deeply about this topic so when I was sitting and thinking about something to write I looked at One Piece and I said hey! What is exactly One Piece so I did some research I hope it […]

Top 10 Best romance anime of all time

love comes in many forms also happened to different kinds of creatures starting from us Humans. Anime also got a chance to fall in love and many people prefer watching romantic shows instead of the scared one, today I will give you the best romance anime actually I will give you 20 romantic anime movies. Best Romance anime My love […]

Aokiji vs Kizaru

Who is strong? Aokiji vs Kizaru, just if we look at what happened in One Piece we find that Aokiji and Akainu were the two who’s fighting about the position of fleet commander. So we notice that Akainu and Aokiji are strong than Kizaru. But … let us know. Who’d win in your opinion? The coldest man in the world […]

One Piece pirate crews

Pirate crews (One Piece) One Piece pirate crews are 40 so in this post, you will see 20 One Piece pirate crews ranked from the weakest to the strongest, also make sure you check the top ten you will find there straw hat’s crew as well as rocks pirates, big Mom pirates, whitebeard pirates. So before you find out which […]

Shanks true power

We all want to see Shanks fighting in order to discover his power, yet we haven’t seen any fight to know Shanks true power but we actually watched him doing some amazing things that prove Shanks’s true power, for example when the white beard tried to hit him and we know the power of Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) as we know […]