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The game launches in North America on June 24

the official Youtube . channel Play Station On Wednesday, an English-language trailer for . began broadcasting AI: Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiativethe sequel game to Koutari Ushikoshi‘s AI: Somnium Files. The video shows the characters of the game.

The game will continue to be released for Play Station 4, Xbox One, nintendo Switch and PC across Windows 10 and steam in North America on June 24. The game was scheduled to launch in Europe and Oceania on the same day. But, Spike Chunsoft The match in Europe and Oceania is postponed to July 8 “due to unexpected manufacturing delays and slowing global shipping.” The game was originally scheduled to release worldwide in the spring.

The story will feature new characters Ryuki and Tama.

Spike Chunsoft Describes the new game:

Six years ago, the right half of the body was discovered under mysterious circumstances. The left half was not found … until six years later, when it was discovered completely fresh without signs of decay, as if the victim had been alive until recently. Now, newly appointed Special Agent Mizuki and her AI partner Aiba are tasked with solving the bizarre half-body serial murders…

The game will have both regular and collector’s editions, with the latter including an Aiba character, art book, and soundtrack.

AI: Somnium Files Released for PS4, Switch and PC via steam around the world in September 2019.

source: Play Station‘s Youtube Channel via jimatsu

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