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when Disney The cast announced their new brand Percy Jackson In the series, there was inevitably some backlash. Most of that seemed to be targeting one member of the cast, especially for some pretty ruthless reasons. In response to the backlash, Alexandra Daddario, someone close and dear to me Percy Jackson IP, may occur.

In the Percy Jackson In the series there is a golden trilogy of main characters that fans are happy to see again – the main character, Percy Jackson, along with his closest allies Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. By far the biggest controversy centered around the young actress announced to play Annabeth, Leah Jeffries.

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The first adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Daddario appeared as Annabeth. It was her big foray into the film industry, turning her into a star. Fans of the series loved Daddario in the role, so it’s no surprise that fans were looking forward to her for her approval. This seems especially true now that Jeffries has been selected for Percy Jackson The series was heavily criticized. However, those who were worried about whether Daddario was okay with him shouldn’t worry anymore. In a simple tweet, Daddario offers her full support. Perhaps the reason for such blatant support from D’Addario is the nature of much of the criticism.

Originally Percy Jackson In the books, Annabeth’s character is depicted as white. Daddario is also white. But Jeffreys is black. Many fans are not satisfied with this choice, because it makes a change from the books, but the people involved in the series were calling this racist. The amount of hate that Jeffries, who is only 12 years old, got caused her to get her TikTok account closed.

Rick Riordan, author of Percy Jackson He wrote, as he voiced his support and called for an end to hate online. On May 10, he posted an entire blog post on his website titled “Lea Jeffries is Annabeth Chase” in which he defends the cast, tells fans to stop bullying the child actress, and explains how criticism of her race is actually racist. Riordan insists that this group of actors will do their best to bring these characters to life, and fans should be excited.

take photo Percy Jackson and the Olympians It will premiere in Vancouver in June of 2022. Although the launch date has not been confirmed, the premiere on Disney Plus is expected in early 2023.

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