Alice in Dissonance reveals bug – StP – LIGHTKRAVTE Prequel launches May 27 – News


release steam It will include text in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

Developer Alice in Dissonance and publisher Phoenixx announced on Saturday that they will be releasing a version of Error – StP – LIGHTKRAVTE prequel game in Error Series on PC via steam On May 27. The version will support texts in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Alice in Dissonance describes the game:

In the kingdom of Rughzenhaide, where the development and spread of a technique known as manakravte has greatly enriched the lives of its people, an ordinary and completely unremarkable boy named Khaji lives a completely unremarkable life as the son of a fruit farmer. Khaji dreamed of becoming a painter, and he works hard to improve his skills. Day after day, he trains, and day after day, he is forced to confront the superior talent and creativity of his peers. His confidence in the beating grows increasingly more, but his days remain unchanged, as normal and peaceful as ever …

Until a shocking revelation shatters everything he thought he knew about himself and the world around him.

The developer stated that the game takes place five years ago Error – 1 teacher It is an independent business. Players can play the game without playing it for the first time Error – 1 teacher or Error – two side milestones: above.

the game is Considered “Episode One” of the previously announced child silence error prequel action.

Alice in Dissonance also stated that she plans to release them Error – two aspect milestones: below this year. The company has postponed the game several times, and announced in June 2021 that the game would be released in fall 2021 before this latest delay.

Phoenix Games released Error – two side milestones: above to nintendo Switching in December 2020, the release included text in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Sekai . project Originally issued Error – 1 teacher Game for PC in 2013, followed by Error – two side milestones: above In 2015, the Our simulators are Gramura and Fairy Bell Spinoff in February 2018. Sekai . project Pre-planned to release child silence error prequel and Error – two side milestones: below games in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Sekai Games and Limited Run Games have released a physical copy of Error – 1 teacher to nintendo switch and Play Station 4. The release had a regular edition and a university edition. Sekai Games released the game digitally for the Switch in October 2019 and numbered for PS4 in May 2020.

The franchise has sold 500,000 copies worldwide.

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