Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West has a lot in common with Pandora from God of War 3


gang war games horizon The series has always had strong ties to Greek mythology in Horizon Zero Dawn And Forbidden horizon west. This is clear enough when looking at the sub-functions of GAIA, which are all named after the Greek gods. There are even a few instances of Egyptian mythology that slipped into it horizon, Which indicates the multi-faceted extent.

The spoilers of the horizon are forbidden to the West and the god of war 3This also shows how much Horizon drew inspiration from elsewhere, and while it may not have been intentional, inspired, or anything like that, there are some notable similarities between horizonaloy and God of War 3Pandora. These comparisons go a bit deeper, though it should be noted that the specific context of each game changes the outcome (or in Aloy’s case, the outcome so far).

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Horizon Aloy vs. God of War 3’s Pandora

Regarding their personality alone, there are two important comparisons: they are both women of abnormal births and they both work like switches. Fans know that Aloy is a copy of Elisabet Sobeck, which means that she does not have a father or a mother. Instead it was created by GAIA; In the meantime, her DNA is able to open many doors that others cannot, thanks to her similarity to Elizabeth. On the other hand, Pandora was created by Hephaestus (not Forbidden horizon west deduction) from Earth as the first woman. It also exists as a key to Pandora’s Box, quite literally.

Both play a very similar role in world building for their perspective games. Pandora, and specifically Pandora’s Box, is designed to contain all the evils of Titanomachy. However, Pandora accidentally opens the box and all this evil brings woe to humanity. Pandora’s story God of War 3 It revolves around obtaining the chest from Zeus, in which she plays a major role in Kratos’ discovery of the power of hope.

At the same time, Elisabet (who is also Aloy’s clone) was in charge of the Zero Dawn system responsible for re-creating the world. Thanks to the Far Zeniths and Nemesis, he ended up causing chaos in this world as seen in Horizon Zero Dawn And Forbidden horizon west. But GAIA – technically the cause and solution to this, like Pandora’s Box – is what gives Aloy (that and her friends) hope.

Finally, they have very similar father personalities in Kratos and Rust. Kratos ends up guiding Pandora through a lot God of War 3 (and vice versa), while it’s the same for Aloy and Rost in their background. They both originally had a family and sought revenge on them, including a daughter. Both had noticeable marks on their faces, and Rost killed (in revenge) 12 men – the number of Greek gods in God of War Franchise business. Both men will influence, for the better, how Aloy and Pandora see the world. It will be interesting to see how this is reflected in the file horizon triple. If the comparisons continue, Aloy may have to sacrifice her life as Pandora did (in a way), but those comparisons probably don’t go that far.

Forbidden horizon west Available now on PS4 and PS5.

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