An early teacher of Batman reveals the true purpose of Bat’s Cave

The Batcave has always been one of the most recognizable elements of the Batman legend. The secret hideout of the hero and his allies, the Batcave has been tweaked, modified, and reimagined numerous times over the years, and even rebuilt and designed elsewhere. But a new story reminds readers exactly why someone like Batman needs it.

Batman: The Knight #5 (by Chip Zdarsky, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia, Pat Brosseau) Highlight the moment Bruce Wayne learned the value of having a personal base that works more than just a headquarters. This also underlined the truly important role the Batcave plays in the Batman story.

Batman: The Knight It was a unique exploration of Bruce Wayne’s formative years, highlighting the unexpected mentors who trained him on the many principles that would define his crusade against crime as Batman. This has resulted in Bruce being trained under the supervision of criminals and crime fighters alike, and learning their way of thinking. Bruce’s newest mentor is Avery Oblonsky, a former KGB agent who has quietly established herself as an independent spy used by the Russian government. After meeting her officially, Bruce and his friend Anton learn about her “cave”, a secret base that contains all her disguises and techniques.

On top of being a place to hide her weapons, Avery explained that the cave actually played an important personal role for her. It more or less worked for her to be who she really is. Everywhere else in the world, she had many lives to mind and watch. But inside her cave, she had a space for her “reality”, a place to be herself in safety and security while preparing to become someone else. As I described it, Avery Cave was more than just a headquarters but as a refugee from the rest of the world. It was a place where she could reconnect with herself, even after she had spent enough time under a mask and a false identity to deceive the world’s greatest minds.

It’s an intriguing interpretation of “The Cave,” and seems to have been tricked into having a major influence on Batman’s final decision to build the first (of many) Batkov Caves. Like Avery’s base, the Batcave eventually became more than just a place for Batman to store his armory and conduct research for his next missions. The Batcave has become a place where the real Bruce Wayne can be revealed, not the public figure of a playboy billionaire or the disguised exterior of the Dark Knight. Bruce in the Batcave often appears in a much more vulnerable place, ready to take off his mask and already have discussions with his loved ones. It’s arguably one of the few places in the world where Batman seems to feel truly at ease.

Even when the Batcave isn’t located under Wayne Manor, having that kind of space has always been critical to Batman. This extended to periods when he was outside the palace. Last Batman The stories highlighted his small caverns that were built around Gotham, places where Batman could feel comfortable in costumes but without his mask. Given the number of identities and characters Batman must use in his war on crime, it makes sense that he would need a place to really decompress. The idea that it was his former mentor’s greatest lesson contributes to Bruce’s development into a hero and shows how important it is to have someone like Batman in a place where he doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest detective.

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