Anime ballet? Why you should watch Dancing Dance – ANN Show Next


James, Linsey and Jackie discuss the big things that are revealed in the executioner’s way of life, why you should watch dance dance dancerand some special artwork created for spy x family Japanese comics.

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Get to know the hosts!

As Executive Editor of Anime News NetworkAnd Lindsay Loferg He has a unique position to know what is being tracked with critics and fanatic viewers in anime. Not only does she write her own reviews each season, but she also reads everything from the editorial staff at ANN! Outside of work, she’s just a charming girl who lives in Junji Ito Globalism.

James Pickett He is a resident ANN Series reviewer and is never shy about telling the world how he really feels. You can find his impressions of the latest shows in the preview guide as well as episode reviews of the popular anime series.

Jackie Jing He is the principal and resident video producer at ANN. You can find her binge-watching the latest shonen battle royale series, and she turns up her ass Twitchhosting events from esports to Actor’s voice interviews.

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00:00 – Introductions 01:30 – We try to draw spy x family Episode 4 Visual (and Fail)
11:50 – spy x family conversation
18:45 – The executioner and her way of lifeUncover the rules of the game
30:30 – Birdie Wing’s side alliance…horrible or horribly good?
38:30 – dance dance dancer Is the entire animation set!
54:00 – The most important anime characters who will spit in your mouth
56:22 – The X-rated Eren characters they don’t want you to know

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