Anime Central attendees are furious over last-minute COVID policy changes

Days before the conference opened, Anime Central announced that it was ditching several of its COVID-19 precautions, angering attendees.

Anime Central has announced that it will no longer require proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test, or masks to attend the conference.

The popular anime and manga agreement has published an update website On May 16, it stated that it was dropping several COVID-19 safety precautions, including vaccine and mask requirements. According to the website, the changes were made “based on current CDC guidelines and in line with requirements of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and local and state health authorities for large indoor events.” The site states that guests will be required to voluntarily report if they experience any of the common symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering the agreement. While masks will not be required throughout the entire conference, the publication “strongly recommends” that attendees still wear face coverings, and notes that some events, such as plaques or autographs, may still require masks, depending on whether the guest of honor is in it. The event requested that this condition be enforced.

The sudden changes to the convention’s policies on COVID-19 sparked a backlash from many of those in attendance, who noted that the convention’s official Twitter account had previously reassured them that exactly this situation would not happen: On April 29, the convention’s official Twitter account stated that the convention’s policy would not change. The convention’s COVID-19 outbreak prior to the start of the conference, and also reminded guests on May 2 that masks will be required at the event. Since then, the conference’s Twitter account has been inundated with responses from guests who linked this data again. It also appears that many of the guests are particularly pissed off at the timing of the announcement, which was posted just four days before the conference begins on May 20.

While many attendees stated that changes to COVID-19 policies had prompted them to reconsider their decision to attend the event, the announcement on the conference website states that it will not offer refunds or renew badges at this time, which only happened It sparked more anger.

CBR has reached out to Anime Central for comment and clarification, but has not heard back from representatives of the agreement at this time.

Anime Central is organized by the Midwest Anime Promotion Association. The convention was established in 1998 to address the lack of animation conventions in the Midwest region of the United States at the time. Hoax has grown into one of the largest animation-focused events in the region, attracting more than 33,000 participants in 2019. Like many other large gatherings in North America, the conference was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Quarantine restrictions.

source: Anime Central

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