The top 5 anime NFT collections currently on the market

If Twitter is any good, there is a huge amount of anime fans in the NFT space. In fact, this is a common hobby of NFT collectors and creators. So there’s no shortage of anime-inspired NFT collections out there.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best anime NFT collections out there.

0N1 Force – OG Anime NFT

All things considered, ON1 Force may not be the first anime NFT to be launched. Even so, the craze for anime NFT collections in recent months can be traced back to the popularity of this collection.

Launched in August 2021 and sold out in minutes, 0N1 Force is an innovative NFT with many bright colors and cool characters. These NFT PFP avatars have a lot of cool features like quirky masks, headphones, hairstyles, and more. The base characters themselves certainly have a classic anime look.

Around launch, the 0N1 Force caused a stir. Several influencers and celebrities bought 0N1 Force at the time; the most notorious was Logan Paul, who spent over 100 ETH on the legendary NFT. However, the series couldn’t sustain its red-hot start. Although its current floor price of 0.4 ETH remains stable, it is well below the project’s peak price.

Azuki – the undisputed champion of anime NFTs so far

While 0N1 Force started the recent anime NFT craze, Azuki is now the project that defines it. These anime NFTs have a pop culture glow with an old-fashioned Japanese anesthetic. The Azuki series features a wide variety of characters, and each PFP and character has its own story.

Despite launching in January 2022, Azuki ranks 6th in OpenSea’s all-time ranking of NFT projects in terms of total transaction volume. At the time of writing, its floor price is a staggering 23.9 ETH. Aside from being a blue-chip, it’s fair to say that Azuki has risen to this level by far the fastest of any NFT collectible.

While Azuki’s success shocked many viewers in the NFT space, it didn’t slow down the premiere anime NFT a bit. What’s more, the Azuki team is large and has prior experience at companies like Blizzard and Facebook. While the team was mum on the roadmap early on, the NFT project has recently become more active with secondary collections and other developments.

Tang Feng

Also inspired by Japanese manga, Karafuru has arguably the most unique look of all the NFTs on this list. While other anime NFTs have a more traditional look, Karafuru’s vibrant, rounder, and funnier style is provided by super talented artist WD.WILLY.

The collection of 5,555 NFTs since its launch earlier this year is impressive. It may not crack the full blue-chip list, but with a current floor price of 2.94 ETH and a good distribution of holders, Karafuru belongs to the list of top anime NFTs today.


Kiwami is a newer entry on this list. This anime NFT actually has a team from Japan and debuted on the Ethereum blockchain in March. Their OpenSea page describes them as “a collection of 10,000 avatars for the next generation of artists, builders, and rule-breakers”. Sure, they make some slick and stylish anime NFT PFPs.

Additionally, the project is implementing a strategic approach to its collection. This includes physical goods and a Kiwami DAO, which will serve as the project’s treasury. At the time of writing, the series has a reserve price of 0.24 ETH on OpenSea.


In Misfits, Hikari NFT blends a polished anime look with extensive lore and a serious roadmap. The series came from two teams, Chainlink and Jeez, minted about a week ago on April 11.

The Hikari roadmap, which the team calls “the manuscript,” contains many exciting initiatives. In fact, the anime NFT series is looking to offer content like comic books, streetwear, and Hikari MOBA games. These are quite a few promises, but if the Hikari team can deliver, this collection of anime NFTs will be here in the long run.

Origin of Akuma

Akuma is another in the NFT anime series with a more different style than some of the others in the category. In terms of features and overall aesthetics, it does follow the lead of previous anime NFT series. Its illustration style, reminiscent of a Naruto-gorilla mix, is where the series really stands out from other anime NFTs.

This set of 5,555 anime NFTs launched in early April. As of now, the reserve price of the collection is 0.47 ETH. This collection of colorful alien avatars and anime touchpoints is likely to attract a lot of NFT collectors. Notably, the Akuma team also recently hinted on Twitter of what appears to be an Akuma child accompanying the NFT drop.

Haki NFT

Haki is a collection of 5,000 unique anime NFTs. From the outset, the series has transcended the digital space. Some of the benefits of the collection include streetwear, NFT airdrops, live events, and other forms of holder utility.

Haki’s current reserve price is 0.075 ETH, and Haki may be a good choice for anime fans looking to acquire NFT collections

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