Apex Legends ‘Hero Anime’ skins and events leak for Season 13

New leaks have revealed an upcoming Apex Legends event titled Hero Anime along with some anime-inspired skins that will be released later in Season 13!

Every Apex Legends player wants to unlock some cool skins for their legends and every new season introduces some great new cosmetic items!

While the Season 13 Battle Pass has a lot of great skins and more, the best are usually in the mid-season events. While we haven’t heard any official word on the events that took place during Season 13 yet, some massive leaks have revealed what to expect.

In addition to the exclusive Apex Legends Wraith Edition skin leak, a number of anime-inspired skins and some information from the upcoming “Hero Anime” event have been revealed. Check out what we know so far below!

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Apex Legends Leaks reveals anime images and event of the thirteenth season “The Hero Anime”

A new leak has revealed the highly anticipated legacy of Valkyrie, but this isn’t the most exciting Apex Legends leak this week!

First, a number of trusted Apex Legends leakers have revealed that an in-game event called “Hero Anime” is coming during Season 13. This is thanks to multiple references within the game files to this event.

Moreover, it will feature anime skins of a number of different fan-favorite legends! There are even a couple pictures of these skins already!

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So far, we know that Bloodhound and Bangalore skins are inspired by Tokyo Ghoul and Sailor Moon respectively. In addition to dropping out of Karl Rendu It also offers non-woven anime skins for Crypto, Fuse, and Seer.

In addition, it looks like Mirage, Octane, Revenant and Wattson will also get Legendary event appearances, even if you lose the most recent Legend Newcastle. However, we don’t know what this will look like yet.

Let’s hope to hear an official announcement of the Apex Legends Season 13 Hero Anime event soon. Until then, check out the video below to see your first glimpse of these anime forms!

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In other news, the Apex Legends Steam player record has been broken with Season 13! There must be a lot of fans picking up the upcoming anime formats next!

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