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Recently, many cryptocurrencies, including Luna and Bitcoin, have experienced a sharp decline in their value. The voices of financial speculators range from Twitch The streamers focused on the breakup across social media and YouTube. In a recent broadcast, Twitch celebrity Asmongold expressed his thoughts and opinions on the current market vortex, and he doesn’t have many kind words to say about it.

On May 9, the value of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, fell below $30 thousand, its lowest since July 21, 2021. Many spectators and speculators have been anticipating a market crash at this level for some time, given the sharp drop in The value of NFTs and the resurgence of affordable GPUs as crypto miners begin to lose interest in blockchain mining. While many celebrities and broadcasters have announced an abundance of new coins and NFTs, Asmongold has long been a critic of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

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In the midst of the recent crypto meltdown, Asmongold felt compelled to go live on Twitch despite his plans for a day off and decided to share his thoughts on the matter. Throughout the broadcast, Asmongold often babbled as he reacted to YouTuber Coffezilla’s analysis of the cryptocurrency death spiral. The echo phrases streamed into Covezela’s video, stating, “You’re betting on nothing… I find this funny. I really am.” Towards the end of the clip, Asmongold searches Twitter posts and laughs at crypto-supporters who are still holding on to their investments. Highlights from the broadcast are now uploaded to YouTube’s main channel, Asmongold TV.

Unlike government-backed assets such as stocks and bonds, blockchain and NFT-based currencies have no intrinsic and tangible value. The price of Bitcoin or Bored Ape NFT is determined by what the investor is willing to pay for it. Needless to say, Asmongold feels that current events justify this as Twitch Streamer has predicted a recent crypto market crash right from the start. However, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and its future is uncertain. Previous declines saw bitcoin soar to new heights; However, it may also decrease.

In the gaming world, the adoption of blockchain technologies, NFTs, and metaverse initiatives is one of the biggest questions in the industry. Despite the recent collapse of the crypto market and the backlash from fans, companies like Square Enix remain committed to incorporating NFT into their games. While Final Fantasy 14Asmongold, which streams frequently, appears to be sidestepping Square Enix’s plans to adopt NFT, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the company’s other intellectual property.

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