Assassin’s Creed: What happened to Juno?

During the first days of Doctrine killer In the franchise, players are introduced to the character of Juno. Juno is an incredibly powerful being from the ancient past, and was established at the end of Assassin’s Creed III to be on the way to becoming the series’ next major villain. However, by the time Assassin’s Creed OriginsJuno has pretty much disappeared.

It may surprise some fans to learn that Juno’s sudden disappearance from video games is due to the franchise’s comic books, which detail the rest of its story. Although it is not the first time Doctrine killer She expanded her knowledge through other mediums, but this means that those who have only played games may not know what happened to Juno.

First seen during Ezio’s time Fighting the creed of the BrotherhoodJuno was introduced as a member of an ancient and powerful genus called the Isu, or those who came before, who evolved and ruled the Earth for thousands of years. Juno was one of a handful of Isu who used their advanced technology to communicate through time with the various Assassins in the series, hoping to prevent humanity from making the same mistakes that led to the extinction of their race.

However, at the end Assassin’s Creed IIIHowever, it is revealed that Juno has been manipulating both humans and fellow Isu the whole time. When Desmond Miles gave his life to save the world, he also launched Juno into the modern era. Desmond dies believing his Assassin friends can handle whatever schemes Juno will attend, although Desmond’s story doesn’t end there.

Juno then appears in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, is now something of a ghost, hiding in the corners of technology and unable to take on a solid form. She is aided by a being called Sage, a human reincarnation of her long-deceased husband Isu, Aita, who wants to help Juno regain permanent physical form. Hundreds of wise men have appeared at various times throughout human history, often marked by the appearance of contrasting colors. This phase of Juno’s story continues through each game in the series until its final appearance in Guild Assassin’s Creedwhile Juno continues to try to find a way to gain a physical body, although little progress has been made.

Here’s when Juno’s story moves into the comics, in a series called Assassin’s Creed Uprising. Here, the Assassins and their old enemies, the Knights Templar, work together in a temporary truce against Juno’s henchmen, something called the Tools of the First Will. In the middle falls a young boy named Elijah, who turns out to be not only the illegitimate son of Desmond Miles, but also (in a strange twist of fate) the newer sage.

A member of the Machines of the First Commandment named Richmond is sent to kidnap Elijah in order to force him to help revive Juno. With Elijah’s Sage’s DNA and an Isu artifact called Shroud of Eden, Juno has finally acquired the body she’s been searching for. However, Elijah’s mother was murdered by Richmond, and Elijah was hiding the fact that he had secretly vowed revenge against Richmond and Juno for this. When Juno finally gains her new body, Elijah betrays her, killing Richmond single-handedly, and helping an assassin named Charlotte de la Cruz to kill Juno with the infamous hidden blade.

After avenging both of his parents, Elijah is last seen running in the Australian desert, where both the Assassins and the Templars believe he is dead. This could mean that Elijah chose to escape into a quiet life, or that he would one day return to join the fight in a new way. Juno recently appeared in Assassin’s Creed Valhallabut these are flashbacks to her from long ago in Isu’s old past, and she still seems to be in really good shape and defeated.

Many fans who are aware of Juno’s fate continue to question why such a big story wraps up the franchise in the comics, and some believe it’s a mistake on Ubisoft’s part. Given that uprising The series was released around the same time as Assassin’s Creed Originswhich was a minor reboot of the series, some speculated that the developers simply wanted to focus their attention forward on all the new stories of the future. Doctrine killer.

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