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Minori Chigusa paints Night Attack Last Bullet: Secret Garden Sweet Memoria Mango

. official website Lily’s assault The franchise revealed on Saturday that the franchise will be getting a new sub-manga titled Night Attack Last Bullet: Secret Garden Sweet Memoria. The original franchise creator Kenny Obanazawa The original work is credited, and Minori Chigusa will draw the manga.

The manga will tell the daily stories about lilies in a slightly different story than an event that took place in lily last bullet attack Smartphone game.

The smartphone game was launched in Japan in January 2021.

The lily project assault A 1/12 scale action figure and dolls-based multimedia franchise designed by the doll maker AZONE INTERNATIONAL and creative group Aquos In 2013. The project’s theme revolves around the battles that beautiful girls fight with weapons.

TV anime titled Assault lily bouquet It premiered in October 2020, and Funimation The series was broadcast as it was broadcast, with English subtitles and dubbing. The franchise’s theatrical cast members reprized their roles in the anime.

Assault on lily fruitsThe Lily’s assault The franchise’s mini-animation premiered in a game app in July 2021. The mini-anime featured a cast and crew returning from Assault lily bouquet TV anime.

The franchise also includes two novels and an ongoing Assault Lily League of Gardens: Full Bloom Mango.

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