Assemble New Heart Teases, Brand New ‘Galapagos RPG Evolve’ In Video – News


Famitsu Magazine reveals more details about the project on Thursday

heart collection He opened a website on Monday to tease out a new game. The site is broadcasting a teaser video titled “Evolve: Mashup”. The video teases that this week’s edition of Kadokawa‘s Famitsu The magazine will reveal more details on Thursday.

The game is part of a rebranding of heart collection Titled “Galapagos RPG Evolve.”

heart collection Clarifies that the new brand is an “evolution” of the “Galapagos RPG” Brand It includes games such as: Fairy Fencer F, Omega Quintet, Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force, Death End re; Quest, Dragon Star Varnir, Arc of AlchemistAnd end of death re; Quest 2.

sources: heart collectionAnd 4 jammer (簗 島)

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