Barnacle Bill Filming Locations: Where is the classic movie filmed?


Where was Barnacle Bell filmed?
Barnacle Bell Shot (1957)

Barnacle Bill, as it is known in the UK, is one of Ealing’s lesser known comedies. But what are the filming locations for the movie Barnacle Bill? Alec Guinness plays a captain in the Royal Navy with 400 years of marine ancestry. But he suffers from severe seasickness and has to spend his professional life teaching in the drylands at a marine college. When he retires, he buys a cheap beach pier, only to discover that the surrounding resort is plagued by a particularly wise group of councilors and gangs of rebellious rock ‘n’ roll guys. The latter script has the potential for dead poets community of us and they cliched, but this movie is a lot smarter and smarter than that.

The captain’s determination to make the pier a contemporary and running port has met with constant resistance. But with the help of an unexpected new ally, he embarks on a dizzying strategy to free his “ship” from the land authorities.

The problem with this movie is that it will inevitably be compared to Ealing’s truly great comedies. Not up to par. It has a certain appeal, it’s a fun and relaxing movie with some stunning visuals, and Alec Guinness is in great shape. Now, we will discuss Barnacle Bell’s filming location. Let’s take a look at it!

Barnacle Bill filming location
Barnacle Bell 1957

Barnacle Bill filming location

Hunstanton, Norfolk

People from Hunstanton and other parts of Norfolk became movie stars in our country and America 65 years ago. A large number of famous faces have come down to ‘Sunny Hunny’ for the filming of Barnacle Bill in the UK and All at Sea in the US. It was the last Comedy Ealing released.

It was almost like Hollywood, with the top actors surrounded by autograph hunters and well-wishers, and MGM workers all over the place. About 400 people lined up outside the casting director’s office for additional roles, with guys from Great Yarmouth and Norwich joining the Hunstanton Boys and Girls in a rock ‘n’ roll sequence.

Hunstanton locals

Filmed on location in Hunstanton, Norfolk, and MGM Studio Borehamwood. Barnacle Bill was the final image of Alec Guinness for Ealing Studios and the penultimate Ealing Comedy. Setting the beach scene so that those in front of the beach huts can see the floating pier. Hunstanton locals were used in this photo.

At The Green in Hunstanton, a screenplay is set in front of the Capitol Cinema, now the Princess Theatre, with the owner of The Cracknell leaning against the door.

Barnacle Bell 1957
The Princess Theater in Hunstanton

The Town Hall was used to depict the interior of the Crazy House, where nothing stood. Maurice Dunham, the son of a local photographer, participated in the film as a photographer. Some advertising shots were also made in his studio. A scene from The Green in front of Town Hall was cut from the USA edition print, which is always on TV.

More on Barnacle Bill filming locations, other movies like The First World War (2003), Dad Savage (1998), Set Me Free: Vol. I (2016), Wild Bones (2022), etc., were also shot in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

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