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Anime Top 5 List: The best drama anime

by Youssef
Best Drama anime

What are the Best drama anime? According to what “drama” connotes, it can bring people together and make their emotions and feelings flow. It’s usually when you know that it’s a great drama you’re viewing when you feel tears flowing from your eyes, or you feel a sense of sadness, or a mix of all of the above and pounding inside your body. This is precisely the kind of thing that “Drama Anime” also clearly offers!

What Are the Best Drama Anime?

  1. The Flower We Saw That Day
  2. Mirai Nikki (Future Dairy)
  3. Hi Score Girl
  4. Barakamon
  5. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  6. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  7. Grave of the Fireflies
  8. Beck
  9. Haibane Renmei
  10. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  11. Monster
  12. Kokoro Connect
  13. Aku no Hana
  14. Toradora
  15. Nana
  16. Clannad
  17. Whisper of the Heart
  18. Ping Pong
  19. Welcome to the NHK
  20. Beastars
  21. A Silent Voice
  22. Your Name
  23. Kids on the Slope
  24. Spice and Wolf
  25. Mawaru Penguindrum
  26. Garden of Words
  27.  A Country Doctor
  28. The Wind Rises
  29. The Tatami Galaxy
  30. March Comes in Like a Lion
  31. Death Parade

Best Drama Anime (Preview)


Your Name

The Flower We Saw That Day

best drama anime

Hi-Score Girl

best drama anime


best drama anime

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

best drama anime

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

best drama anime

Grave of the Fireflies

best drama anime


best drama anime

Haibane Renmei

best drama anime

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

best drama anime


best drama anime

Kokoro Connect

best drama anime

Aku no Hana

best drama anime


best drama anime


best drama anime


best drama anime

Whisper of the Heart

best drama anime

Ping Pong

Welcome to the NHK

A Silent Voice

Kids on the Slope

Spice and Wolf

They are called tear-jerkers, feelings-trains, rainy TV shows, onion peelers, or anything else — these shows unleash a torrent of intense emotions. 

This list of best drama anime fulfills its goal of recommending the top 10 Top Drama Anime! If you agree or disagree (with the ranking and listing), they are among the top and most famous dramatic shows that you’ll see.

It’s your choice to take the front or leave it. If you’re looking to experience something dramatic and let it express the emotions you’ve been holding onto, These are the shows you should watch! 

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Best drama anime 

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 

Mirai Nikki is one of the best drama anime. Although it already has an abundance of adrenaline and psycho content, twists, and action, Mirai Nikki.  

  • The series has now become an absolute success instead of a snooze!  
  • This series can blend its elements so well that it touches people’s hearts, minds, and souls as any great psychological drama show. 
  • In a dangerous survival game that determines the destiny of the entire world, a few chosen players can see into the future with the use in the form of “Future Diaries.”  
  • With a Future Diary, the holder can foresee the future and beat the rest of the players.  
  • Every Future Diary is unique, and the owner must use it to the maximum extent to live to the end of time and eventually become the future god of time and space. 
  • Future-telling abilities and a deadly survival game god of time and space — sounds like an event! Who will be the last to survive?  
  • What does that mean? 
  • That’s what it’s called. Future Diary survival game! 

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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) 

The ability to go back to the past, would you use it?  

Would you repair the regrettable experiences to ensure a prosperous future?  

Would you use it to benefit yourself, or do you want to assist others in achieving an exciting future?  

In a situation like this, suspense and drama will surely abound! 

  • The period for this power has had to be short, from a few seconds to minutes.  
  • When his mother was killed by an unknown killer and the suspect was being convicted of the crime, the power of his body activated to take him back 18 years into the time! 
  • It’s a big mystery! The loss of his mother reveals an 18-year-old murder case.  
  • What is hidden in the history of Satoru Fujinuma?  
  • What’s the giant leap back to the past? The time-bending and tragic background of Satoru Fujinuma are revealed! 

Nagi No Asakura  

Nagi no Asakura (aka. The Lull in the Sea) does indeed feel like it’s lulling you into a vast ocean of emotions. It’s as dramatic as it is romantic! So, it’s one of the best drama anime. 

  • A show that is character-driven with stunning visuals and a captivating slice-of-life narrative that slowly evolves into a dramatic tale.  
  • This will concisely be Nagi no Asakura! 
  • In the past, humankind lived beneath the sea.  
  • Humans were under the aegis of God of Sea and were secured by the blessing dubbed “Ena.”  
  • However, some people chose the surface to reside on, which caused them to abandon their homeland of origin.  
  • This is the line’s origin that separates inhabitants of the land and the ocean. Contact remains.  
  • However, the fracture of bonds has begun to expand and is starting to tear into two! 
  • The present four buddies who grew up on the ocean have to go to school on the land.  
  • A lot of adaptation and conformity is necessary, for sure!  
  • They will soon witness the increasing “rift” between the residents of the sea and earth and the important events in the process of unfolding. 

Little Busters! 

When you’re struggling, and the feeling of it is inevitable that loneliness will strike, Who do you need to make contact with? Yup, friends! Little Busters is all about friendship and forging bonds that will last forever. Since when the world goes against you, your true friends will be there to support you. 

  • Riki Naoe has tragic circumstances in his life.  
  • The loss led to him becoming depressed and closing himself to the outside world.  
  • Luckily, a boy named Kyousuke invites him to be part of the Little Busters. Since then, his troubles gradually faded away as his new friends added bright hues to his day. 
  • Even at high school, the group is still around.  
  • The time is now Riki’s! Kyousuke’s final year at school, and it’s the responsibility of Riki to keep the group going and alive.  
  • The Little Busters are always looking for treasures, secrets, bonding exercises, and more – nothing is too boring with a few busters in town! 

Plastic Memories 

Do you think there’ll ever come a day that robots live alongside humans, with emotions and all the human characteristics? If human relationships were not complex enough, we have”Giftia “Giftia” androids similar to humans but with shorter lives. They’re creatures that are similar to humans but with plastic memories. Think about it, consider, and allow the possibility of sadness and tragedy to sink into your soul! Plastic Memories which one of the best drama anime. 

  • SAI Corporation is the company responsible for the development of Giftia. Tsukasa is about to start his first day in the Terminal Service Department.  
  • His area of expertise? Finding Giftia who are nearing expiration (dying according to Giftia sense). 
  • With the help of his female Giftia companion “Isla,” Tsukasa comes in line in his latest career path as he tackles emotions.  
  • Mainly when his girlfriend is also a Giftia, is the relationship between him and her change to something new?  
  • Does it go well at the end? Memory in all its forms is valuable, including memories made of plastic! 

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