3 best drawing courses ever

Here you will choose between the best drawing courses in the world, If you’re interested in learning how to draw or paint, self-teaching is a fantastic option. It’s a skill that you can learn at any age. Many online drawing and art classes can be taken from the comfort of your home to gain the skills and expertise and increase your ability as an artist in leaps and leaps. 

Best drawing courses 

There are classes for various subject areas, starting with introductory courses in drawing basics to more advanced classes like life drawing, figure drawing illustration sketching for fashion and cartoon drawing and acrylic painting, oil painting, and many more.  

Online drawing classes and best drawing courses are extremely cost-effective methods to become proficient in your selected art discipline. 

We’ve compiled the best online Drawing and Art Classes, Courses as well as tutorials, and lessons that are accessible to you to take advantage of. They are taught by top experts and professionals that will assist you in improving your abilities.

Some of these classes are paid, while others are entirely free. You can select the appropriate art course based on your level of proficiency since there are classes for all levels of ability, beginning, intermediate and advanced. 

The final drawing course 

The Udemy Drawing Course provides students with a solid understanding of the basics of drawing from the beginning. They go from having no or little experience in drawing to the point of creating art that stands in the same way as professional work. This is the top drawing course available on Udemy with high scores and more than 384000 students registered. 

The class begins with fundamentals. Instructor Jaysen Batchelor (an experienced artist and illustrator) guides students through all the information they need to draw with an artist’s precision.

The students begin by learning the basics in sketching (like the Line basics, shape and form fundamentals, and how to utilize the concepts of value and contrast) to use the techniques to create their work.

The next step is to learn how perspective and space are used in art and keep air from various perspectives. Students are taught 1, 2, and 3 point perspectives. Students will learn how to create textures sketching still lives, the human face, and human forms moving forward. The book also includes an extra section that shows the art of drawing animated figures step-by-step. 

The key points 

  • Establish a solid foundation and well-rounded set of skills as an artist 
  • Learn to draw objects with your head 
  • Let students experience the drawing process in a variety of styles 
  • Learn how to employ various shading techniques to enhance your drawing 
  • Learn about the anatomy of the human eye and learn what you can draw accurately 
  • Learn about composition and perspective and how to organize objects and people in your drawings. 
  • Learn to draw human faces from various angles 
  • It includes extensive quizzes and worksheets 
  • More than 50 projects that help students go from novice to expert 
  • Lifetime access to more than eleven hours’ worth of videos, including numerous articles and download materials 
  • An excellent fit for people who are just getting started. 
  • Support is always available by the instructor throughout the course. 

Character Art School 

Character Art School by Scott Harris is the most famous Character Drawing Course available online with more than 212000 students in the program and over 25000 5-star reviews. It’s the only course you need to effectively learn the essential basic skills and advanced techniques of drawing and sketching characters. It will teach you how to draw characters professionally for games, books, movies, films, manga, comics, and many more. 

This course can be categorized in design, simple to follow, and quickly paced. It is structured into ten detailed modules with over 70 drawings and video lessons. It will teach everything from the basics of drawing techniques up to advanced character design techniques. The emphasis is equally on the theory and practice. Every module is accompanied by practical exercises that help reinforce the ideas learned and aid in making rapid progress. 

Character Art School is not the best drawing course only but it covers every aspect of drawing creative and attractive characters. It teaches the fundamentals that will allow you to draw professionally, whether you’re just beginning drawing from scratch or have some experience drawing. This is why this drawing class for characters is perfect for those who are complete novices or people who are at an intermediate and wish to improve their drawing abilities to professional standards. 

The key points 

  • The most comprehensive, thorough, and enjoyable character drawing course on the market 
  • Be able to excel in drawing characters fundamentally, either using pencils and paper or Digital Art tools. 
  • Learn to draw from your head quickly and draw in 3D 
  • Learn the correct method of creating characters and refine the characters 
  • Please find out about the character types and their proportions. 
  • Learn to make motions and expressions that create characters 
  • In-depth information on drawing eyes, lips, faces, and more, more quickly than you’ve ever before. 
  • Access to the Character Art School Community to submit works and get feedback. 

The art and science behind drawing 

This is the Best drawing course that is designed for complete beginner students who wish to learn how to draw and paint. It will teach the fundamentals of drawing and provide an excellent foundation to build on. It is designed to recreate the private drawing lessons. Students are required to every day; they watch a video that teaches a fundamental drawing technique and then finish it with suggested exercises to test their skills. 

The class begins withdrawing with a pencil and drawing any shape you can think of. It introduces drawing techniques that allow students to study, analyze and draw anything. There are a variety of exercises that demonstrate how to apply basic abilities to a range of topics. The program also features an introductory demonstration of drawing figures. 

Brent Evasion is the instructor. Brent evasion was selected as one of the top three new Udemy instructors in 2017. His courses are among the top-rated courses. The Basic Skills drawing class is the first of the series of courses designed to take students from the basics to advanced skills such as shading and volumetric drawing. The other systems within the Art & Science of Drawing series are as follows: 


  • Straightforward and straightforward to understand drawing class for complete novices 
  • Find the most helpful insight into the drawing process. 
  • Learn to draw any form in a way that breaks it into fundamental forms before drawing dark lines 
  • Learn about the tools and methods that allow you to draw inspiration from imagination and observation. 
  • Learn to make use of simple shapes and lines to create a solid foundation to draw your final designs 
  • Access to a community of artists in which students can share their work and receive feedback from instructors as well as other students 

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