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Reincarnation has become a widely popular trope among Korean manhattan. While some heroes get lucky and find themselves in a situation where they have both power and respect, others are thrown at the short end of the stick and end up helpless or as disposable side characters.

Of course no one would like to accept such a tragic fate, but very few who would dare face the fate set for them. Here are some examples of the heroines of Manhwa who decided to destroy fate with their own power.

Outcast Lady: These people are no longer considered family

Reincarnation is not an uncommon trope in manh, but the same person being reincarnated multiple times is certainly less popular. Untouchable Lady The protagonist, Helise Innodine, has always yearned for the love of her family. Throughout the seven reincarnations, she always did what they asked and sought their approval even at the cost of her own health. But every time, her family would betray her and throw her away like trash.

In her seventh life, as she watches her brother Ricardo pleading for her to die in place of their half-sister Gabriel, Heles completely loses any long-term connection with the people she is supposed to relate to. In her next life, she vows to abandon them first. It is so satisfying to watch Helise regain her self-esteem and use her power for herself. It’s gratifying to see how vulnerable her family actually is against her once she really sets her foot.

Secret Lady: Stand Against Politics to Save the Family

Rosentin was born into a ducal family of strategists known as the Argens, but she holds a secret. She possesses the ability to see ghosts and keeps memories of her past life as Yoon Seol-woo, a modern-day Korean girl who can also see spirits. This ability is considered forbidden in her current life, but when her beloved sister becomes possessed by a ghost, Rosentin has no choice but to ally with the second prince, Prince Chartus, and save him from death with her ability.

Story of the secret lady Full of political tension and full of mystery. Coming from a family of strategists, Rosentin uses her wits and cunning to her full advantage as she tries to maintain the warm family she finally has in this life.

Dr. Elise: Modernizing Medicine in Antiquity

at Dr. EliseSong Ji Hyun is a genius doctor and the youngest lecturer appointed at Seoul University. She retains memories of her past life as Elise deColorens, a woman obsessed with love – but when an accident brings her back to that life, Elise decides to change her situation and use her modern medical knowledge to improve her current world.

Dr. Elise It contains a protagonist who would normally be considered undefeated, but the story remains realistic. Elise may possess the necessary medical knowledge but the path to becoming a doctor was not easy for a woman in ancient times. Other medical practitioners simply do not trust them with all the new methods and knowledge. This is certainly in line with how medicine has evolved in the modern era, not through the words of one person but through constant testing and research. New theories and medicine are rarely immediately accepted by the broader medical community, and Dr. Elise He does a great job of photographing it.

The reason why Raeliana ended up in the Ducal Palace

After an unexpected accident, Eunha wakes up to find herself in the body of Raeliana McMillan, the eldest daughter of Barron in a novel story. Unfortunately, Raeliana is just a minor side character who is destined to be poisoned by her fiancé. But Eunha does not want to die again; To escape the knowledge of her death, she enters into a six-month fake marriage contract with the protagonist, Duke Noah Winnite.

Unlike many reincarnations, the reason why Eunha died in her first life wasn’t just because of a strange accident. The mystery of that was spun throughout the rest The reason why Raeliana ended up in the Ducal Palace She tries to undermine the fate set for her in the original novel.

Watching the heroines manage their own destiny is a satisfying process to watch. Each of the Manhwa characters are smart and brave in their own way and are an inspiring display of personal strength.

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