Best shoujo manga stories with cliched stories


Shōjo manga is often overshadowed by the prevailing popularity of shōnen anime. This is mostly because its stories tend to feature clichés and (usually) similar plots that focus on the daily school life of teens rather than concrete action scenes.

Even if the story lines aren’t always the most imaginative, there are plenty of fun twists and turns to be found while getting to know a cast of colorful and memorable characters. Here are some recommendations for the cliched – but still fun – shojo manga to read.

Blue Spring Riding (2011-2015)

Blue Spring ride Hei Shoujo, a slice of life manga written by Io Sakisaka. The story follows Futaba Yoshioka, a high school student who tries her best to appear unfeminine to fit in with the girls in her class. She created this “non-feminine” character upon entering high school after spending her middle school years hated and bad-mouthed by her classmates.

One day, Futaba’s life changes after she meets her first love, Ko Mapuchi (formerly Ko Tanaka). During their middle school days, Ko attended Futaba School for one semester before his family moved to Nagasaki. After a difficult meeting filled with unwavering feelings, Futaba and Kou became friends. Along the way, she’s creating a group for herself, finding extraordinary friendships among her classmates. While Blue Spring ride Filled with pointless drama and a dreaded love triangle, there are many advantages that fans can bestow while enjoying this amazing series.

Futaba is very likable and has a strong personality. It’s a refreshing change from the other heroines in shoujo manga, many of whom tend to be weak and spend most of the story waiting for love interest to save them. One of the most attractive aspects of Futaba is that she loves her friends and admits this openly on multiple occasions.

High school debut (2003-2008)

For the first time in high school It was written by Kazune Kawahara and even got a live-action movie adaptation in 2011. The story follows a boisterous and unnatural student, Haruna Nagashima. Upon entering high school, Haruna decides that her new goal is to find a friend. There is one big problem – she has no sense of fashion and does not know how to attract a boy’s attention.

After a chance meeting with Yoh Komiyama, a second year student at her school, Haruna asks him to be her “trainer”. Yeoh agrees, but on one condition: she can’t fall in love with him no matter what. For the first time in high school She features a strong, eccentric and entertaining heroine in Haruna.

Haruna has a rather quirky personality and puts her heart on her sleeve. Although she may be a bit dense, she is honest in her fault which adds to her charm and makes her a dependable heroine. Yoh is almost the opposite of Haruna: unexpressive, calm and very moody. It’s a near-perfect love interest, contrasting with Haruna’s boisterous and outspoken personality.

Daytime Shooting Star (2011-2014)

Written by Mika Yamamore, daytime shooting star It follows another high school student, Suzumi Yosano, who lives in the countryside and is known for skipping class to the stars. This truancy ends when her father receives a job transfer, so Suzumi must move to Tokyo to live with her uncle.

When she arrives at her new school, Suzumi is assigned a seat next to the quiet and reserved boy, Daiki Mamura. She soon befriends him and also brings him closer to the class teacher, Satsuki Shishio, whom she falls in love with shortly after their first meeting. daytime shooting star It is a beautifully drawn manga with entertaining and romantic characters that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the last page.

We Were There (2002-2012)

we were there, the romantic shoujo manga written by Yuki Obata, received an anime in 2006 and a reality movie adapted in 2012. The film focuses on Nanami Takahashi, a freshman in high school. On her first day, she fell victim to a prank by fellow Motoharu Yano. At first Nanami had a great dislike for Yano, but slowly began to fall in love with him as the series progressed.

one thing about him we were there What stands out from other shoujo manga is the love interest, Yano, who was previously dated before the story began. Unfortunately, it ended due to the death of his ex-girlfriend. Shoujo manga romance and slice-of-life works often don’t have such dark themes. The drama that occurs throughout this story is enough to keep people invested, and leave them wanting more once the series is finished.

Kira-kun Today (2012-2014)

Originally written by Rin Mikimoto, Kira kun today The manga received a live adaptation in 2017. It tells the story of Ninon Okamura, an introverted high school girl who takes her pet parrot, Sensei, wherever she goes – even in class. Ninon was bullied by other kids at school when she was younger, leaving her without friends during her teenage years. As a result, she can only talk to her parents and Sensei without panicking.

However, Ninon’s life slowly changes when her teacher asks her to take care of her classmate Yuiji Kira, a boy with an unspecified but troublesome heart condition. Yuiji and Ninon become fast friends and the more they interact, the closer they become, developing romantic feelings for each other soon after. Kira kun today It is an exceptional shoujo manga, and it addresses the themes of bullying through its calm and persuasive female role.

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