BiG’s The Oates & The Elphyne

Since 2013 Image Comics series Count – Cartoonist Michael Walsh has worked on everything from Marvel’s star Wars For Jeff Limer black hammer; Co-author of the horror anthology series silver coinWalsh told some really scary stories, so it might come as a surprise that his latest graphic novel is actually geared toward a younger audience. Posted by Humanoids BiG’s Young Readers Imprint, Oates and Elvin It is a remarkably creative and thoughtful graphic novel that will entertain readers of all ages.

Oates and Elvin It follows the Oates family as they travel to the east coast of Canada to help their cousins ​​whose father has recently passed away. When kids Ben, Lynn, and Beth explore the nearby woods – Beth, the youngest of the three, disappears into the wild, and her older siblings take it upon themselves to find her. Before long, they meet a fairy who takes them to a magical world called Elphyne and reveals that Beth’s disappearance is linked to an evil “corruption” that could prove disastrous for both Elphyne and the Oates family.

Walsh does an excellent job with the pace of the story. The story begins as a basic family drama that establishes a charming and at times tense family dynamic before evolving into a fantasy adventure reminiscent of Madeleine L’Engle. Wrinkle in time and C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia. As Ben and Lynn explore the fictional Elphyne, the speed increases exponentially. Both heroes and audiences are thrown into a whirlwind of new concepts, fierce dragons, and hilarious wizards, pushing the story in bold new directions and raising the stakes with each new development. Every time the brave siblings finally seem to have gotten used to this strange new world, Walsh finds a way to remake it all and add to the strange and honest nature of the world.

His art perfectly complements his writing. Walsh’s expressive style brings life and charisma to each painting. He even finds a way to make scenes of siblings arguing in the car seem magical. So, when the heroes reach a real magical realm, Walsh’s art reaches incredible new heights. His photos of Elphyne convey a sense of awe. Each creature is more comically designed than the next. His wild landscapes lend credence to the mundane nature of the plot. Not to mention it was beautifully presented.

Walsh colors his own work Oates and Elvin With the help of de Konev. Together they created a soft yet rich color palette that enhances the tone of the story while highlighting Walsh’s strengths as an artist. They use a combination of blues and dark purples to capture a mysterious and cold Canadian night. But they use a soft, formal feel to make every moment feel cute and accessible.

Oates and Elvin It finishes with a sweet and bittersweet touch that is sure to grab the hearts of the audience. Michael Walsh has created a fascinating world for readers of all ages to explore alongside Ben and Lynn. The story makes use of all the elements of classic children’s literature with a notably modern feel. The art is absolutely amazing. This graphic novel is fun from start to finish.

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