Billy and Amine look back on the Radio Deter period: “We just grew up”


Faced with some criticism, Billy and Amine returned to the time of Radio Deter and explained that nothing had changed except their community.

I wanted to address a point that I read on Twitter, begins Billy, live on Twitch. People say that Amine and I, now that our community has grown too much all of a sudden, we’ve become super slick. We stopped the era of Radio Deter. Me, I want to tell you: we just grew up“. Completed almost 2 years ago, the series Radio Deter allowed viewers to call the two videographers during a live. “Radio Deter, it made me laugh in 2017says Billy, who talked about his return to Twitch after thinking about quitting. Now that’s something that doesn’t make me laugh anymore, you know? I can’t fool around anymore like I used to Radio Deter. And the people who re want that time, they got stuck in the past“.

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Amine: “It’s a bit like an unknown rapper, when he breaks through, you get hate”

Finally, Billy summarizes this evolution in a few words. “We grew up. But the family, we will never change. Whether we make a viewer or a million, it’s the same. I don’t see what has changed in our lives“. A feeling shared by Amine. “Me, I’ll tell you honestlysays the latter. Nothing has changed. It’s just that Billy appears less than before. We just got more mature because we learned things“.

For Amine, it’s more of a “sense of belonging“. “As before, we were less, and now, the people who watch us, there are people from other communities, I have the impression that they have a bit of the devil. It’s a bit like an unknown rapper, when he breaks through, you hate him because he becomes too famous, and suddenly you don’t listen to him anymore“. Inevitably, things change. Evidenced by the success of Eleven All Stars. “But Ie look at our clips from before, our videos from before, we are literally the same. It’s the same humor, it’s the same thingconcludes Amine.

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