Billy explains his decision to no longer participate in the Z Event


In a sincere and courageous tirade, Billy (RebeuDeter) explained that he should not participate in the next Z Event.

Billy and the Z Event, it was short, but intense. The streamer, who participated for the first time in the French Twitch charity event last fall, clarified during a live that he should not be part of the members for the next edition. In a long and sincere tirade, he notably pointed the finger at the choice of associations. “I think it’s a great event, which brings people together, streamers and viewers, we’re all united for a good cause. But, for me, the choice of associations leaves a little to be desired honestly”.

He pursues : “For me, there are a lot of things that are not clean, and I don’t prefer to mobilize you anymore, to give money to things where we have no real follow-up behind. We don’t really know where the money is going.”. In 2021, the Z Event made a commitment to Action against Hunger and, a few weeks ago, Raw. published a report in which the media follows Zerator in the Central African Republic to illustrate the concrete actions carried out by the organization.

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Billy: “The Z Event is an incredible and mega clean event”

More than that, Billy would like to prioritize other stocks. “I tell myself that there may be something else to do before our eyes, he explains. We are in France, we are French, we have homeless people in front of us every day; these are people you meet on your way to work, to the mall or to the cinema. And we go to do stuff on the other side of the world… I don’t know everyone’s intentions, but I tell myself that it may be to clear our conscience. And I’m not talking about the Z Event, but in general”.

Recognizing that “Africa deserves all the help in the world”Billy talks about causes that are particularly close to his heart, such as students or even the Palestinian cause. “My dream is to do a charity event once a year, to do things for Palestine, to help them,” he continues. An event he admits to having thought about: “I would like to go into the concrete directly. Do an event where we collect a sum of money, we go there, there is no weird association”.

Massively relayed and diverted, Billy’s words forced him to explain himself on Twitter this time. “The Z Event is an incredible and mega clean event, I never questioned that, he resumes. Zera makes every effort to ensure that everything happens in the best possible conditions as well as for the transparency of the follow-up behind. It’s just that in my opinion, even with all the goodwill in the world, there will always be elements that will escape us on the use of certain sums by associations. The choice not to go there is a choice that concerns only me and which in no way takes away from the seriousness of the event..

And regarding his event for Palestine, the streamer promises to go “as much as we can do to help them even a little bit”.

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