Black, White, and Blood Moon Knight #1 tells three distinct stories


This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood #1, for sale by Marvel Comics

In the latest Marvel comic book, Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood #1 Some of the best writers and artists come together to make three stories that aren’t one. Each of these stories is told using a variety of artistic styles, storytelling elements, and characters with an interesting color palette. As the title suggests, the only colors used in this version are shades of black, white, and red.

Fans can see the differences in the vengeance fist of Khuncho to deal with disputes and forge alliances. Since the stories are told in this specific way, one wonders if they share the current events in the Moon Knight comic books. Most likely, these short stories are important insights into the life of the titular hero. From a publishing standpoint, this is a refreshing way for Marvel creators to experiment with potential storylines and see what fans are drawn to.

The first comedy, “Anubis Rex,” features storytellers Jonathan Hickman and Chris Batchalo. They tell the story of a sci-fi version of the Moon Knight on an apocalyptic expedition to uncover the scarab. These red gem-like objects contained the essence of Ra before his death. These scarabs were scattered all over the universe by believers in the hope that one day they would be reborn. Moon Knight accompanied by a dog and a little girl in a bunny hat. She is a priestess of Khuncho when he was her knight. Together, the two search for the Scarab Ra across the galaxy to prevent its return. Monochrome art with touches of red highlight the small details so paintings are immersed in it. This story serves as the dividing line between science fiction, horror and humor to make it a fun piece.

The second comic features not only Moon Knight, but Spider-Man as well. “So White, Yet So Dark” features storytellers Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande. The New York scene is painted black and white, with the exception of Spider-Man, who stands out against the gray panels. He wants to ask Moon Knight something, but Moon Knight is busy. Spider-Man offers to help him “be less busy” on the condition that he considers his request. Mark agrees, and the two head into the night to intercept the delivery.

Complications occur, as they usually do for Mark and Spider-Man. However, with the help of Khuncho, Mark’s clothes changed from a suit and robe to something similar to the appearance of the moon god. Mark calls it “Super Ghost Armor”, and uses it to finish the job. This armor comes with an Egyptian style robe and shields. The mummy scrolls can be seen on his arms and legs along with a flying skull mask.

The last story in this issue is the most interesting in terms of storytelling. Titled The End, creators Mark Guggenheim and George Fornes tell this story backwards, starting at the end. The comics stick with the black, white, and red color scheme, however, the order of the panels can be confusing to figure out. It all starts with Moon Knight lying in the snow with a stab wound to his torso. Accompanying him is a woman named Dina Williams.

By the end of the storyboard, fans can piece together everything that’s going on. Dina is appointed to testify against a powerful man, and her former protection is taken away. She asks the Moon Knight to help her, as he is the protector of the travelers at night. The miscreants try to take them out, but Mark emerges victorious, even as he takes the bullet for Dina. This unique way of storytelling, even if it’s experimental or just a limited event, provides readers with amazing tales of Moon Knight stories. It’s a perfect way to introduce new readers to the series and the character of the comic book as a whole. The next issue of this series will feature another group of amazing creators with three new stories to tell. Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood #2 will go on sale by Marvel Comics on June 15, 2022.

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