Bloody Heart Episode 7: Release Date & Preview


The date of the presentation of episode 7 of the series Bloody Heart
Bloody Heart Episode 7 With Subtitles

Fans are now anticipating the release of Episode VII of Bloody Heart, as the previous episode left us hanging with quite a few questions. The series is a classic Saeguk that tells the story of a fierce king from the Joseon era. King Li Tai is ambitious and dreams of becoming the absolute monarch of the dynasty. This character is played by Lee Joon, who really turned into a prince for this role. Kang Han Na plays his gorgeous sweetheart, who gets embroiled in a ruthless power struggle.

The series has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride so far, and is bound to hit some bumps on the road. It looks like King Lee Tae has really given his heart to Yoo Jung. However, the Queen Mother’s intentions are as vague as the King’s true plan. What are they planning to do? Hopefully we’ll be one step closer to finding out in Episode 7 of Bloody Heart.

Bloody Heart Episode 7 Preview

The previous episodes had already caused chaos within the palace. The plot of Park Ji Won’s niece is further explored. Furthermore, the fake identity of Yoo Jung, who was impersonating Park Aok, was revealed. We let out a breath we didn’t know we were holding when the king confirmed her that she was Park Ji Won’s niece. However, despite this, we do see Yoo Jung trying to escape from the mansion through a secret door.

At the same time, the palace guards receive an order to immediately close all the palace gates. It became clear that Yoo Jung hadn’t really escaped from the palace walls. This created confusion and raised new questions about the next steps for millions of fans. However, it’s clear from the Bloody Heart Episode 7 preview that fans can expect more blood to be shed and lives lost in the upcoming episodes. The king is sure to defend Yoo Jung with his life, and his people don’t want to risk it.

The date of the presentation of episode 7 of the series Bloody Heart
King Lee Tae is willing to risk his life for Yoo Jung

However, the question that is still burning inside of us is what Park Aok really looks like. Will she show herself to the people and the king soon? How does Representative Park Ji Won plan to guide his way through this matter? Watch Bloody Heart Episode 7 to find out!


Bloody Heart Episode 7 Release Date

Bloody Heart Episode 7 will be released on May 23, 2022. New episodes air every Monday and Tuesday. The series has proven to be a huge hit even among those who don’t usually enjoy historical dramas. The plot is intriguing enough to force fans to stick around until the end. Moreover, the visually appealing cast and crew have urged more viewers to appreciate the drama.

What happens when power and love intersect? Will the King put aside all differences in the pursuit of love? What do you think is the strongest emotion that will dominate the other? These are just a few of the questions Bloody Heart has planted in our heads. The time we spend thinking about the different possibilities is endless. We hope to see the same energy continue throughout the drama!

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Bloody Heart Episode 7 7 with subtitles online

Korean fans can watch the episode live on TV at 9:30 p.m. KST. The episode will be broadcast on KBS2 TV. Fans based outside of Korea can refer to the following converted time zones: 6:00 PM EST, 10:30 PM EST, 8:30 AM Central Time. Moreover, the episodes are also available to stream on certain online platforms. Select regions allow Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar to stream official episodes. The series is also well updated with subtitles of your choice. However, it is working on a payment model that requires viewers to have a premium membership to continue broadcasting the episode. Stay connected with Otakukart for more updates!

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