Boba Fett BTS pictures showing Mark Hamill on set with Grogu


employment star Wars Last week, Disney Plus released a new feature that explores the process behind it boba fett book. titled Disney Fair: Boba Fett Book, it reveals some adorable looks at some of the show’s most exciting moments. While the series itself has received some fairly mixed reviews, it’s hard to deny the impact of some of its most fan-satisfying moments. Now, fans can get an inside glimpse of what made a few of them so cool.

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Of course, one aspect on display includes a look at the Hatred, who was notoriously nurtured by Danny Trejo and ridiculed by Bubba himself. But the real magic comes from Mark Hamill’s shots during the filming of Luke Skywalker’s clips. While not exactly shown on screen in the final product, the veteran star Wars The actor was closely involved in the filming process, even to the point that he met “Baby Yoda” himself, Grogu.

It’s no secret that Luke Skywalker was photographed by (actor Graham Hamilton) while filming the show. But with his face replaced with an impressively deep fake and the character’s voice recreated using some weird methods, it’s understandable that not many people will associate his name with the character. But it turns out that Hamill was actually more involved than some might expect, as shown in the stills and a bunch of photos from Disney Fair: Boba Fett Book.

During filming, Hummel acted out what appears to be most of Luke’s scenes, particularly those that involve interactions with a Grogu doll. Meanwhile, Hamilton starred in them as well, with the visual effects team merging the two shows together afterwards. So while Luke’s face and voice was more of a machine than a human, it looks like this was really Hamil on screen during that boba fett book. Apparently, Grogu’s appearance in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga It’s not the only time a young man has met some classic characters.

The rest of the visuals are well worth a look, too, as two of them offer glimpses of the grudge-disposable platformer before all the CGI brings it back to life. But perhaps the most fun shot is Hamill’s interaction with his fellow stars, including Hamilton and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka. One of the photos shows the obsessed Dawson out (just like anyone would be in the presence of such royalty in science fiction). Just imagine Ahsoka being star-struck by seeing Luke, which would be a bit strange considering her history with his father. Regardless, Hamilton’s shot oddly looks almost like Luke even before the CGI replacement. Makeup artists are probably that good.

Pictures are one thing, but there is so much to see Disney Fair: Boba Fett Book. Just like the previous iteration he’s focusing on The Mandalorian, who recently finished filming its third season, it has plenty of behind-the-scenes goodies for anyone who wants more to whet their appetite while waiting for more. Of course, one can always give up watching it if one prefers to continue to believe that it is all magic. It is very tempting.

Disney Fair: Boba Fett Book Available to stream on Disney Plus.

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