Booba publishes an alternative version of a capital piece of “ULTRA”


Booba published an alternative version of his title “Last time” on his social networks. Slower, more sung, probably less percussive.

It was a piece of colossal ambition. “Last time”, outro d’ULTRA, had the heavy task of definitively closing one of the biggest discographies of French rap. This week, Booba tweeted an unpreserved version of the track, probably earlier. Much slower, it is especially embellished with an interpretation much more sung by the rapper. A bit like “Comme une étoile”, the artist flirts with high notes and navigates in the middle of variety.

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Booba: “Last time”, finally a feat

Finally, it seems that Booba has discarded this version in favor of a more nervous instrumental and more rapped rhymes. “Last time”, which deploys a proud symbolism, sounds like the rapper’s last dance. It’s understandable that the rapper came back to the song several times as its importance was capitalized on to conclude this tenth and last album. Its final version seems in any case more successful than its predecessor.

Also, to keep this more sung/variety aspect, the author ofULTRA called on Bramsito who accompanies him on the title. A news that had also been badly received upstream: fans regretting that the last piece of his discography is not a more introspective solo. Finally, the presence of Bramsito did not really curb Booba’s words and “Last time”, which points to 13 million streams only on Spotify, is one of the biggest successes ofULTRA.

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