Booba reacts to Sinik’s musical retirement


Sinik recently announced his musical retirement, a few weeks after the release of Niksi. Booba obviously did not escape it.

It is well known: no snippet of the news escapes Booba and his incisive comments on Twitter. This Sunday, the author ofULTRA noticed that Sinik had announced his retirement from the music industry, only a few weeks after the publication of his last opus Niksi. In a long message communicated on his social networks, the rapper of Ulys evokes various reasons, in particular related to new projects.

Booba in Sinik: “Over time”

For his part, Booba reacted to this announcement via the account OKLM on Instagram, which he uses as his personal platform. He posted a simple video, capturing the information recorded by Google News. Two articles are displayed one after the other: the first relays Sinik’s musical retirement, the other ensures that Booba has filled his Stade de France scheduled for September 2022. “Over time”simply commented the Duke.

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In clash with the author of “A great time” for many years, Booba is thus pleased to be able to fill the largest French enclosure when his former best enemy, with whom he shared the front stage a decade earlier, withdraws middle. Note that this is not the first time that Sinik announces the end of his musical career, this time he assured that Niksi was indeed his last album.

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The two artists also briefly exchanged on Instagram a few weeks ago while promoting Niksi. Booba first seemed to support Sinik by sharing one of his excerpts, before finally calling on him in private, asking him to stop talking about him in interviews.

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