Boys prepare for uncivil civil war in season 3 poster

After the show’s official trailer for season three debuted, The Boys released vibrant, power-packed posters promising Supe’s Civil War.

New stickers for boys The third season release, promising civil war.

Posted on the Twitter account of the Prime Video series, the black and yellow posters showcase different collections from the show’s upcoming season. While one is a mixture of Season 3 main players such as Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), the other three spotlight The Boys only, Seven superhero team and boysLeading female characters. Posters debut after the release of the official trailer for boys season 3.

“Civil war, but not civil,” the tweet accompanying the posters read. Exactly what this means has yet to be seen, although the trailer indicates a conflict within both The Boys and the Seven. Much like where Season Two ended, seven members Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) are still pitted against their leader, Homelander (Anthony Starr), while the boys are at odds with one another. New footage shows Breastmilk (Laz Alonso) challenging the butcher to his new superpowers, and also appears to be rocking a baseball bat (like seen in one of the posters).

The trailer revealed more details about what fans can expect in Season 3. It begins with a series of news interviews and scenes that hint at Homelander’s mental decline, who was described very early in the third season’s production as a “murder maniac.” by showrunner Eric Kripke. Of course, Homelander is going to have some great competition this season with new identical superpowers from Butcher and the introduction of Soldier Boy.

Ackles is a newcomer to the series, with Soldier Boy being Vought International’s first and foremost superhero before Homelander. The show is already deviating from its physical source – boys A comic series created by writer Garth Innes and artist Darek Robertson—by giving Soldier Boy a green live-action tactical suit in place of his blue Captain America-like outfit, the trailer highlights a larger character change. When he appears at the end of the trailer, he unleashes an explosive superpower, never before seen in the comics.

The first two seasons of boys Now available to stream on Prime Video ahead of the third season’s release. Also available Boys introduce: diabolicalan eight-episode animated episode that includes three episodes of the main live-action series.

boys Season 3 begins June 3 on Prime Video.

Source: Twitter

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