Bruce Campbell cracks Doctor Strange 2’s major evil dead moment

evil dead Actor Bruce Campbell discussed his hijab in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And the film’s subtle reference to the popular horror comedy franchise.

at Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, the titular magician and America Chavez in a short but funny dialogue with Campbell’s character, a peddler named Pizza Bubba, ends with Dr. Strange charms a man’s hand to continually punch him in the face. Conceptually, this moment reflects the scene from Evil Dead II Where Ash Campbell fights with his possessed hand the Deadite and Campbell explains how it was put together The multiverse of madness In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think he’s always been in the prime scene,” Campbell said. “We had to figure out what to do and how Dr. Strange would defeat him. The idea was that he’s just an obnoxious guy and Doctor Strange should teach him a lesson – which he does of course. That day, we found out, he rode him, blocked him and shot the damn thing.”

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It premiered in theaters on May 6 and was directed by Sam Raimi, creator of the series evil dead The film franchise stars Campbell as Ash Williams. In general, there are four evil dead Movies in the franchise, starting with Evil died (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), dark army (1992) and evil dead (2013). Raimi has been open about discussing his excitement about contributing to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first foray into the horror genre.

“I was able to capture those horror movies that I made in my youth and [use] Along with 1987, Al-Raymi said at a recent press conference. Evil Dead IIAnd Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Honors many other horror films. This includes visual references for 2002the ring1985 day of the dead1980 Gloss and 1976 curry.

Although the horror elements in Dr. Gharib A sequel that breaks the typical tone of an MCU title, Benedict Cumberbatch’s titular character’s origins can actually be traced back to the horror genre. In fact, Doctor Strange was heavily inspired by legendary actor Vincent Prince, who starred in many horror classics, including the fly (1958) and Abhorrent Dr. Phipps (1971).

Evil Dead II Available on Prime Video and Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It is currently showing in theaters.

source: The Hollywood Reporter

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