Can the all-star brawl be saved from Nickelodeon?

When it was announced, the games were promoted Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl As one of the most awaited fighting games of 2021. However, shortly after its release, the game fell into obscurity. Despite development efforts, Ludosity has developed a powerful combat platform that lacks refinement. Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl He has fan favorite characters, but they are all shells of their cartoon counterparts due to the lack of voice acting and voice source. For example, a SpongeBob stage may sound like a Bikini Bottom, but it has general music that makes it feel incomplete.

Moreover, with Multiversus Set to be released soon as a free platform fighter with its own roster of premium characters, all stars brawl Its biggest competition since launch. However, the game is not ready to die yet and it has many factors working in its favour. The promises of post-launch voice acting, crossovers, and fan-requested DLC might be enough to keep the game in the fray.

The clearest evidence that the game will continue to receive support is the announcement of new DLC characters entering the ring. After the free addons for Garfield and Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesShredder, Jenny from My life as a teenage robotHue Neutron from Jimmy NeutronRocco from Rocco Modern Life They will be added as paid DLC characters. DLC alone isn’t enough to save a game from imminent demise, but this lineup of characters stands out.

These are some of the most wanted characters that players have requested since the game was announced. Hugh Neutron single-handedly caused the game to start trending again on social media. Fans can reintroduce Hugh into a meme, but in 2022, memes can sell games. for example, Multiversus Introduced a super powerful version of Shaggy that simulates Ultra Instinct Shaggy memes. Most importantly, it shows that the development team, Ludosity, is passionate about their game and listening to the fans.

One of the most important aspects of game development is the appeal of fans. Big game companies like Nintendo don’t usually have to worry about winning fans at this point; They know they have a die-hard fan base that will buy their games no matter what they release. Smaller studios like Ludosity are not as popular and must rely on player support to prevent their games from sinking. With this in mind, Ludosity has done a great job engaging with its community through social media and interviews with influencers/pro-games like Hungrybox. Teams want to make the game fun and engaging for fans, and a big part of that is listening to the audience and implementing changes that will keep their interest and extend the life of the game.

As part of sticking to the fan base, Ludosity also has to try to tweak things fans have complained about, like the lack of voice acting and crosshairs. Without these kinds of things, the game will always be two steps behind Super Smash Bros.And MultiversusAnd any new combat platform inevitably appears. This is simply a new standard for gaming in 2022, and it looks like the development team will finally get to grips with it, even if the change is belatedly.

last december, Hungrybox spoke to all stars brawl Developer Who hinted at upcoming updates to the game. Among these was the confirmation of plans to implement the intersection. They’ve also hinted at new voice options, likely to include voice acting and music. Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl It needs these features to stay relevant. The new characters and stages are fun, but without tackling the lackluster core features, the game will never match its competition. However, the developers clearly know what the fans want, and as long as they listen to and implement this feedback, there is a chance all stars brawl It can be saved from being just a footnote in gaming history.

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