Candy Showrunner Robin Veith Reveals How Justin Timberlake Was Chosen


The May 13 episode featured pop star Justin Timberlake as Deputy Detective Steve “Davey” Divebo.

Viewers of Hulu .’s New Crime Drama candies They were in for a treat last night! The May 13 episode featured international pop star Justin Timberlake as Deputy Detective Steve “Davey” Divebo. Timberlake starred in the opposite role of his real-life wife, Jessica Biel.

The series follows the real life crime committed by ’90s housewife Candy Montgomery (Bill) and was created by verb Collaborators Robin Veith and Nick Antosco. The title character is highly respected in her community and is a devoted churchgoer who gets involved in the brutal murder of her best friend Betty Gore. dementia game I spoke with three-time Emmy nominee Veith for her work mad men – About the casting of Justin Timberlake.

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When it came to pre-production, the “SexyBack” singer wasn’t on Veith’s radar. Describing him as a “sex symbol,” she shared that everyone found it amusing to see his physical transformation for the role that required straight-slicked back hair, a chevron mustache, and a belly. In a somewhat unorthodox way, the role ended up piqueting Timberlake’s interest after he read Bill’s script.

He read her scripts and asked her if he could come and play the character. It’s unbelievable. He’s just a really nice guy and a very talented actor. He was reading Jessica’s texts, and he said, “I know who this guy is. I know this guy.” So, he was specifically interested in his playing, and we were “sure!”

While Timberlake’s claim to fame is his vocal chops, this isn’t his first acting role. He has starred in a variety of films across this genre, such as social networkAnd Friends with benefitsAnd Trolls. Recently, he tested his dramatic skills in Apple TV’s Palmer, with whom he starred Ted LassoJuno Temple, Alisha Wainwright, and Jon Squibb. When it comes to candiesIn this article, Veith described how Timberlake was so devoted to the series’ limited time and characters—he even met a real-life Texas Vice.

[Having Timberlake on set] It was like having a second, casual accent coach, with him being from deep Tennessee. He talked to the real Steve – which we all did. He took it very seriously and wanted to make sure his points came out very honest. The actual deputy said many of the things you see Justin say on the show.

candies They are currently streaming on Hulu.

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