Chainsaw Man ranks #1 on April USA’s April list – News


Manga takes all 20 sites on the monthly list

Tatsuki Fujimoto‘s chainsaw man The manga was ranked number one in NPD BookScan’s Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels for the month of April.

Manga topped all 20 spots again on this month’s list:

NPD BookScan collects weekly point-of-sale data for print books from more than 16,000 sites including e-commerce merchants, chains, wholesale merchants, independent bookstores, and more. NPD BookScan covers about 85% of the US commercial print book market. The ranks in this chart are based on piece sales. Some publishers classify titles that consist primarily of text, or art books, as graphic novels; ICv2 removes those addresses from the classification.

source: ICv2 (Brigid Alverson)

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