Chapter 1046 explains how the awakening of the Devil Fruit occurs


According to Kaido, awakening is when the mind and body are able to gain ability. I think this sums up waking up, because that means it’s a natural procedure, which means it might be able to be forced or stimulated.

Under normal conditions, a devil fruit awakens when encoding is complete, when the body is strong enough to provide energy and deal with wakefulness (hence excessive energy consumption when using awakening). And in the case of mind, I think this is specific to Zoans because there is another component, which is the will of the fruit.

I suppose the user’s will must align with the devil fruit, in order to wake up. Luffy said that his main motive, is the motive behind this deadly battle for him:

I guess here, this is the moment where Luffy is perfectly aligned with Nyka, freedom and the will to free people, resulting in Fruit finally awakening and responding to its user.

*by Just here for the piece

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