Chapter 75: Release Date and Spoilers


Chapter 75

Chapter 74 of My Dress-Up Darling ends with Gojou having no other choice but to stay at Kitagawa’s house. All the trains are delayed due to a tragic accident, and he can’t go home. Fortunately, his grandfather is not at home, so no one will worry about him. Here, we bring you the latest spoilers and discussions about My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 75.

The thought of sleeping in Kitagawa’s house causes Gojou to crawl, and he decides to stay up all night by drinking highly caffeinated energy drinks. The situation becomes even stranger when he catches Gojou planning to stay up all night in the contraceptives and aphrodisiac potions department. How are they going to spend the night with this awkward tension between them? We bring you the latest chapter update from the My Dress-Up Darling manga.

granular dress up chapter 75 spoilers and rough scans

Dressing Up Darling Chapter 75 will take us to the most heart-pounding night of Gojou’s life. He never slept at a friend’s house, especially not his girlfriend. Things would have been normal if Kitagawa’s father was there as well, but since he’s away, Gojo feels guilty about staying without the guardian’s permission. He buys a bunch of caffeinated drinks to keep him up all night. However, I doubt he can make it happen after working hard all day.

Kitagawa and Gojou in chapter 75

On the other hand, Kitagawa is in a very wrong position, thinking that Gojou is planning to make love with her at night. This funny misunderstanding will lead to many funny conversations between them. I hope Gojou clarifies his intentions before he misleads Kitagawa further. Initial scans and spoilers for My Dress-up Darling 75 haven’t been revealed yet. They generally appear a few hours before the official release of the chapter. We will try to update this section constantly.

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Chapter 74 Summary

In chapter 74, Gojou visits Kitagawa’s place to watch a visual novel together. He has a habit of completing a series before he actually begins his work on a cosplay costume. He claims this practice helps him understand the character before he tries to exchange her traits in Kitagawa. Kitagawa gives a brief introduction to the series, assuring him that although it is a horror genre, it has a lot of cute stuff in it.

Gojou and Kitagawa

Like every other case, Kitagawa wanted Gojou to stay with her longer. Fortunately for her, Gojou’s grandfather is at his cousin’s house this week, so he can bear to stay with her late. Well, he obviously rejects the idea of ​​sleeping when you are bothering him. However, fate had other plans for him. He knows that all the trains have been delayed due to a tragic accident. They live far away, so coming home late is not an option. Thus, he is left with the only option to stay in Kitagawa’s house.

Kitagawa is shocked after discovering Gojou in the wrong section of the mall

As you can expect, Kitagawa is very excited about their first stay together. Take Gojou to shop for the necessary things for the night. Meanwhile, the more Gojou thought about the idea of ​​falling asleep, the more he was injured by the exit. He comes across some highly caffeinated drinks at the supermarket, and decides to stay up all night by having them.

My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 75 Release Date

Chapter 75 of dressing me up my darling will be back in six. It is expected to be released on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Where do you read dress up my beloved chapter 75?

There are not many official ways to read My Dress-Up Darling manga online. My Dress-Up Darling manga has been published in Yongjangan Magazine in Square EnixIt is a monthly magazine published on the second Friday of every month. You can get the digital or paperback covers of manga folders from Their official site.

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