Chiarai shares how he imagines about Komi

Choko Kumi is a beautiful puzzle for the students of Eitan Private High School. While her classmates came to admire her as a deity of the class, she was widely misunderstood by them. Starting with the fact that they are completely unaware that she has a communication disorder as a result of severe social anxiety, the collective assumption of his classmates is that Komi is rude and sees herself as “too good” for social interaction with ordinary people. This assumption even comes up in a group discussion between Shigeo Chiarai, Taisei Sonoda, and Mono Shinobino.

In the episode 15 story “It’s Just a Fiction, Part 2”, the three boys resume their discussion about which of their classmates they’ll date. Sonoda begins the conversation by fantasizing about a date with Nene Onemine, often portraying her as a traditional Japanese woman: the kind who prepares lunch for himself and his sweetheart and arranges a picnic for them. In Fantasia Shinobino, he imagines himself coming home tired from work one evening and resting from Kaede Otori, who offers him dinner. When it’s Chiarai’s turn to share his imagination, he manages to create a movie featuring Komi.

In the previous “It’s Just a Fantasy” storyline that appeared in Episode 14, neither of the two boys were able to picture themselves with Komi because they didn’t know anything about her. As such, they all drew in the blanks and needed more time to make use of their assumptions to come up with a fictional scenario for it. For Chiarai, this meant completely changing the setting and time period.

In his imagination, Chiarai portrays himself and Shinobino as samurai living in the Meiji era plotting to bring down a Sonoda-like shogun. They are accompanied by Komi, Kiarai’s wife in this scenario. When Sonoda attacks the Trio, it is Kumi – not Shinobino or Chirai – who stops him from killing them. It is revealed that she is a highly skilled assassin who fiercely protects her husband. She also speaks in this fantasy and uses a dead voice to threaten to remove the heads of Sonoda and his clan members. This fantasy satisfies all three boys, but before they each come to a conclusion about who they’ll date, they immediately break up when Komi enters the room.

Although Chiarai’s fiction about Komi is short, it says a lot about his own assumptions about Komi – i.e., she is a secret badass fiercely loyal to those close to her. While Chiarai is at least correct in the fact that Komi is loyal to her close friends, as are the rest of his classmates, he also supports the belief that Komi is out of his reach because she is too self-thinking. Of course, this is far from the truth, and Hitohito Tadano knows this as he listens to their conversation for his own amusement.

Interestingly, Tadano is also embarrassed by his thoughts the moment Komi enters the room, though not for the same reasons as Chiari, Shinobino, and Sonoda. While Chiarai and her friends find Komi intimidating and don’t want to embarrass themselves by calling it their favorite fantasy, Tadano’s embarrassment comes from a place of shame. Since he also thinks that Komi is completely out of his reach, he doesn’t think it is right for him to think of Komi as his girlfriend. Tadano’s reaction to the thought confuses Komi who, unbeknownst to him, reciprocates his feelings.

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