Chrono Cross’ Remaster confirms theory about Magus Chrono Trigger

Square Enix seems to be in the works when it comes to producing classic content, between reworking old titles and newer 2.5HD content. The most exciting release this year was chrono crosswith a significantly unexpected lateral arrangement of Radical DreamersLong-hidden side story Chrono player. Few of the fans of the game played it, but those who did note that it had a character that seemed quite familiar. This led to a long-discussed fan theory, but after 26 years, Square Enix has finally given fans an answer.

While Chrono player And chrono cross So popular, the middle child of this trio is often unheard of or forgotten. Not only Radical Dreamers It was not launched in the West, but was also released only on the oceanic Super Famicom called Satellaview. There has been fan translation for years, but emulators can be hard to find and work with. So, Square Enix launched this lost side by side game chrono cross It’s a real treat, not to mention the fan theory it confirms.

The theory in question is whether one of the characters in Radical Dreamers – Mysterious Magus – Actually, Magus from Chrono player. The information fans got so far came from a fan translation that described him as having silvery blue hair and being a strong user of magic. These are the traits that Magus also possesses, and the party’s photo shows a resemblance to him. He also has a suspicious amount of knowledge about the nature of the trio’s mission, much of which is related to the events of Chrono player And chrono cross.

Kid, Serge, and Magill are three thieves in search of an ancient treasure called Frozen Flame, which also appears in chrono cross. at Radical DreamersMagil describes the Frozen Flame as a piece of Lavos that was cut off when it collided with the planet in Chrono player. Magill is also interested in keeping an eye on Kidd, who turns out to be very close to Shala, Magus’ sister, who is lost during the Fall of Zeal. All of these factors were somewhat suspicious for the masses, which led to this theory. Square Enix didn’t confirm Magil’s identity until after the official Switch release.

With the right conditions, a hidden message will appear on the screen confirming his identity. To see this message, players need to do certain things in a file Radical Dreamers edition of chrono cross. First, they will need to win chrono cross And Radical Dreamers. Then in the main menu, players have to watch the credits all the way through. Then, the message will be sent providing more information about Magil and revealing through his memories that he is, in fact, Magus.

The message is a little internal dialogue from Magil. He mentions how long it has been since he witnessed the fall of a kingdom, and the last time he saw the face of a certain woman. This is a reference to a major event in Chrono player, where a Magus saw the fall of the kingdom of zeal as a child but was saved by his beloved sister. The game depicts the adult himself witnessing the action along with Chrono and his friends. This time, he saw his sister being transported away by a time portal, and he ended up searching for her through time at the end of the game. This explains why Magil is particularly interested in Kid.

Answers or shutting down fan theories isn’t something that fans often see. The chrono The series in particular has a challenging path to follow with all the journeys through time and the different variations of the eras, but surprisingly there are few loose ends. Magus’ fate, along with his sister and Magil’s identity was one of the biggest, so it’s satisfying that Square Enix has finally put him to rest.

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