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Pokemon school was introduced in Pokemon Series: Sun and Moon It was a unique concept for the anime. Instead of Ash traveling through the Alola area with a couple of gym leaders or supporters, Ash spent much of his time attending classes with some of the pilot captains and Lilly. It wasn’t just mates or three. Ash had a record total of five close friends in Alola. For how different the school environment is about making things up, there’s probably a way that anime could double down on it.

Five friends might be a lot for Ash, but in terms of class sizes, they’re really small, even by college standards. The ideal class size would be close to 24 or, by Japanese standards, 30. An entire class of unique and highly developed personalities might have required a lot, but only a few students could sell the school place. With that in mind, here’s a look at potential students for the Pokémon School and how it could all turn out.

Two of the potential student candidates will be Elio and Selene, champions Pokemon Sun And moon games. Both of these characters would be within Ash’s age, so it would make sense for them to be in the same class as him. They could have separate goals from Ash Island’s trial such as competing in the battle royal or collecting Z crystals. Ash is apparently supposed to be Elio’s standby to judge his outfit, but Selene can still join the cast. Assuming the anime somehow found a way to add these two, that would bring the class size up to eight.

Other trial leaders may also be considered as candidates. According to the games, the leaders of the Trials can be anywhere between the ages of 11 and 19. Given how Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, and Sophocles attend school, it’s reasonable to assume that they are all on the younger side, at least within the continuity of the anime.

It also doesn’t matter which island the gaming experience leaders come from. Kiawe, Mallow, and Lana were all originally from Akala Island. Sophocles was from the island of Olula. Despite this, all of them either travel or live on Melelem Island where the Pokémon School is located. If more Experiment Leaders join the Pokémon School, the anime can definitely find a way to make sure they all get their seats before the bell rings.

Besides the experimental captains already in the Pokémon School, there are still Ilima, Acerola, and Mina. Ilima is an alumnus of the Pokémon School of Anime and its in-game counterpart, so it’s out of the question. Acerola seems a little on the young side, so she could definitely pass for one of Ash’s classmates. On the other hand, it would be difficult to sell Mina as someone in the age range of Ash; It appears to be closer to the 16-19 year old age group in Sun And moon The games, so maybe they can be top notch. With Acerola as the only candidate, that brings Ash’s potential class size up to nine.

Another possible candidate would be Kahuna Hapu Island. It’s hard to tell her age, but as long as the anime plays with ages, it’s possible that she’s within the age of Ash. Assuming she is a worthy candidate, the class size can go up to 10.

Hau can also be part of the Ash class. For whatever reason, it does not appear in The sun and the moon Anime until Episode 97, “No Stone Unturned!” Had he been introduced sooner, he would have been the eleventh member of Ash’s class. This is about every character from Sun And moon Games that can reasonably be enrolled in a Pokémon school.

Of course, as good as it would be to make the class size at least a little bigger, it’s important to remember what made School of Pokémon work as it was presented. By keeping the main cast small, more time can be spent on development and making the audience more intimate with the characters. Adding more students might have made the classroom setup more believable, but it would also have meant less time getting to know any one character. It is best to keep the cast small and familiar rather than bulging and superficial.

With that said, it’s possible that the expanded cast may have worked. The other classmates could have simply acted as background characters while the main cast stayed the same. If other characters need development, they may have episodes dedicated to them. Until then, keeping them in the background would be like the anime’s way of saying they planned everything from the start. Some of the characters could have been expanded sooner or later and he would have been fine.

As is, The sun and the moon Good, but it could have been more fun with a bigger main team. To say the least, it was great to see characters like Elio and Selene in the anime. For all the kids in Alola around the age of Ash, it definitely made sense to see them all go to the same school.

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